Is Your Shampoo Causing Hair Loss?

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Losing a small amount of hair is normal, especially as seasons change and hormones shift. However, if you are struggling with more than average hair loss and your doctor has ruled out health concerns, you may want to look at your hair care products. Can shampoo cause hair loss? Not all shampoo causes hair loss and many times it can be contributed to the misuse of the product or using the wrong shampoo for your hair type. 

Harmful Chemicals Could Cause Hair Loss

If you aren’t looking at the ingredient label on your hair products, you may be surprised at what is lurking inside those bottles. Harmful chemicals not only have the potential to cause hormone disruption, but they can also cause hair loss. 

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 

Sulfates are commonly found in industrial degreasers. Unfortunately, these cleaning agents have made their way into our hair and body care products. While sulfates in shampoos help cut hair oils and create the lather that we all love, they may also be responsible for hair loss. 

Synthetic Fragrance

Aren’t we all guilty of opening the different shampoo bottles on the hair care aisle to find the perfect scent? Unfortunately, most of these fragrances are synthetic. Synthetic fragrances have the potential to cause or contribute to many health concerns, and one of those is hair loss. An article by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics states The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) lists 3,059 materials that are reported as being used in fragrance compounds. Of these 3,059 ingredients, some have evidence linking them to health effects including cancer, reproductive toxicity, allergies and sensitivities.”

In other words, skip the pretty perfumes or find products that contain natural scent. This will go a long way in avoiding nasty chemicals.


Many shampoo and body products contain parabens.  They are commonly used as preservatives and have the ability to disrupt the endocrine system. This disruption can cause hair loss due to hormonal changes. Parabens are found in nearly all urine samples from U.S. adults and can penetrate the skin which means that repeated exposure is likely when products are used often. 

Read labels closely and look for Ethylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben, propylparaben, isobutylparaben, and isopropylparaben.

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Using 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioners Can Block Hair Growth

Shampoo should cleanse hair and leave no residue behind. Shampoo and conditioner combo products contain film-forming ingredients. This film may build up around the follicle and can actually block new hair growth. So, while this isn’t necessarily causing hair loss, delaying new hair growth is a concern because as normal hair loss occurs, there is no new growth to replace that hair loss.

Stick to separate shampoo and conditioner products made for your hair type.

Does Dry Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

Dry shampoo is all the rage these days and rightfully so. Who doesn’t love a quick fix? The problem is, there is a tendency to overuse this handy product. We become accustomed to simplicity and before we know it, we are using it daily. 

Dry shampoo isn’t actually shampoo at all. It gives the appearance of having clean hair by absorbing the oils with alcohol or starch. This leaves hair looking cleaner. Dry shampoo actually disguises the dirt. Overuse can lead to product buildup and dry scalp. This can cause breakage and may potentially block new hair growth.

Don’t give up dry shampoo entirely, just don’t depend on it daily. Only use it during a super busy day or in a pinch. 

In conclusion, avoiding harmful chemicals, replacing 2-in-1 products, and cutting back on dry shampoo use can help you achieve healthy hair growth and reduce unwanted hair loss.

Understanding these top 3 reasons why your shampoo may be causing hair loss, can help you correct these simple mistakes and reverse the hair loss that you are experiencing.

Let’s talk about conditioner and look at the best conditioners for gray hair.


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