Yoga for Better Balance And Leg Strength

yoga for balance

This yoga for balance sequence is part of the Prime Women 30-Day Fitness Challenge. If you haven’t yet, get all the details and learn how you can participate! All you need is 5 minutes a day for 30 days to commit to a healthier you!


Yoga is great for improving balance. Practicing yoga can help you focus on movement and coordination. And by transitioning sequences and moving from pose to pose, you may see an increase in your balance. And not only does it help with physical balance, but emotional balance as well!  By the end of this yoga for balance sequence, you should feel confident from creating strength in the legs! Balance is a skill set, so if it is something you want to improve come back to this sequence often.

Yoga for Balance

  1. Stand with feet two fists distance apart on your mat. Drill down through the toes, splaying them out. Inhale and reach up, lifting onto the toes. Hold for a moment.
  2. Exhale, hands down to side, heels back on the ground.
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 four times, to do for a total of 5 times. if you want to add a challenge right away, look toward the ceiling while on your toes.
  4. Plant the right leg on the ground. Help the left heel to come to the top of the right ankle. Or if you’re able, bring the left heel to the inner right thigh.
  5. Place the left hand on the left knee. Right hand on the right hip, or for a more advanced move bring the right hand to the ceiling, stretching over toward the left side.
  6. Hold the pose for 5 breaths. Fix your gaze onto the horizon or an unmoving object to help steady yourself.
  7. Release and stack the right heel on the floor, toes up. Exhale and bend the left knee, bringing your chest toward the outstretched right thigh, hanging your head.
  8. The right hand stays down on the floor, bring your left hand to the right side of the right foot. Twist.
  9. Repeat steps 4-8 for the opposite side.
  10. Place feet 4-fist distance apart on the mat. Arms out, lean your body towards the left.
  11. Stand strongly on the left leg and bring the right ankle on top of the left knee. Fold your chest towards the floor.
  12. Hands to prayer and inhale. If you need support feel free to use the wall to help you, by perching your bum there. If not, try and get a little lower into this pose, stretching your arms forward.
  13. Hold this pose for about 5 breaths.
  14. Release then repeat steps 11-13 for the opposite side.
  15. Standing on mat, place both arms so they are at a 90-degree angle, hands toward the ceiling. Then bring right elbow forward, left elbow reaching under and around the right elbow to carry it over to the left side.
  16. Bring arms back to center. Inhale, lift the arms up, exhale swing the arms down.
  17. Unravel, then repeat steps 15 and 16 for the opposite side.
  18. Arms out, stand strongly on the left leg. Swing up the right leg into a 90-degree bend. Push down on the right knee with the right hand.
  19. Pass the right knee to the left hand and dip the right toes down to the floor, touching down. Knees should be bent.
  20. Bring the left arm forward, with the right elbow on top much as we did in step 15. Inhale and look down at the floor. Hold for 5 breaths.
  21. If you are at a level 1, release and come back to standing, hands to prayer. If you are intermediate or more advanced, keep legs crossed and do the below sequence.
    • Right hand behind the back, the left hand should find the sole of the right foot.
    • Holding right foot in hand, kick the right knee to the ceiling.
    • Keeping right hand behind, bring the left hand to the knee and twist.
    • If you still need more of a challenge, grab the right toe with the left hand and kick the foot toward the front. Right hand goes back to twist.
  22. Repeat steps 18-21 for the opposite side.
  23. Plant the right leg, hugging the left knee into the chest.
  24. Bring the left ankle to the left glute, right hand to the heart. Hold for a few breaths before bringing the right hand to the ceiling.
  25. Then reach and kick your raised leg back, left hand still on left shin, so your chest is folding over. Get your chest as parallel to the floor as you can. Try to touch the right hand to the floor before coming back up and releasing it.
  26. Plant the right heel on the mat, toes raised. Bend the left knee and fold toward the floor. Hold for a few breaths.
  27. Repeat steps 23-26 for the opposite side.




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