Why You Need to Exercise Your Backside

Why you need to exercise your backside

For starters, we tend to neglect the whole backside of our bodies. The reason being is we walk forward; we run, and generally give our quads a pretty good workout most days. Meanwhile, our hamstrings (the trio of muscles running along the back of the thighs) are languishing and our butts are sagging. With spring coming and lighter, more revealing clothing, those butts are going to be on display more so time to get working on those hamstrings.

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5 Best Exercises for Hamstrings

  1. Deadlift: every trainer’s go to exercise to build up hamstrings. Added benefits of deadlifts are you’ll strengthen your lower back muscles, lift your butt and strengthen your pelvic floor. You’ll need 8 to 15 pound dumbbells. It’s very important to use good form. View a video of this move to make sure you get this exercise right.
  1. Hamstring Curl: all you’ll need is a towel. It’s very easy but don’t let this simple move fool you – it works! And all you need is a towel and a floor. Watch a video here.
  1. Reverse Lunge: no equipment needed at all. Form is important for this move, as well. You’ll want to make sure your knee is very stable as you step backwards. See how easy this one is by watching here.
  1. Hamstring “T” Curl with Chair: another easy one and only requires a chair. This is an exercise that would be good to do if you sit at a desk a lot of the day. Just shut the door to your office, grab your chair and do some curls! See how here
  1. The “Bridge”: this is an excellent Pilates torso stability exercise. One of your goals in this exercise is to keep your torso really still as you lift your butt off the ground. Physical therapists use the Bridge because it’s a safe exercise for those with a weak or injured back. Watch a video here.


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