4 Simple Flips to Create Good Health Habits in 2022

good health habits

In years past, you’ve likely tried the extreme health overhaul. By the time we reach our prime, less than 10% of us set those grand resolutions, and only 16% of those who do actually reach them. Most likely, we’ve learned those grand plans don’t work. This smarter, wiser you is going to love these simple, self-loving flips. They have their roots in science, and the art in the ease of application.

These 4 flips for renewing your vows to fitness, health, and wellness won’t turn your world upside down. They’ll just help you upgrade the good health habits you already have now. Some don’t even require you to lift a finger. That’s something to love!

Sip your way to good health habits with soothing bone broth.benefits of drinking bone broth

If cravings derail you, digestive issues plague you, or you want to lose a few pounds without feeling deprived, bone broth could be your new BFF. Though there is some controversy over whether the collagen boosting (think skintastic), gut healing benefits are proven in large studies, credible doctors and real results may sway you. A cup of broth instead of your afternoon tea or coffee provides you with about 9 grams of protein. Instead of regular broth or water, use the bone broth to make your soups, quinoa or brown rice and bump your nutrient intake. As an appetizer before lunch or dinner it will help you slow down and eat more consciously. This fairly low sodium high protein drink may also help you skip the colds this year by boosting your immune system.

Don’t sweat the small health stuff. Do make it count.

The way you do core exercise this year will bring you closer to injury or closer to a better bum, flatter belly, and less back pain. Say bye-bye to crunches and sit ups in favor of stabilization exercises. Your spinal discs have only so many numbers of bends before they break.

Move your exercise to at least an hour after you rise to reduce pressure on the discs in your lower back. Whether you’re fit or on your way, your discs plump overnight, making early morning exercise a risk for anyone. The trauma to your spine is happening whether or not you feel it.

Lift both weights and your fork for health, not calories.

Exercise of adequate intensity increases your body’s ability to use protein you eat to create more lean tissue. You benefit from this partnership far better than your younger self. The combination of consistent weight training, two to three times a week, with high-quality protein meals in the 24 hours that follow will help you increase your lean muscle. In turn, you boost your metabolism and avoid fat much easier.

Start by lifting weights so you reach fatigue, whether that’s heavy weight and fewer reps or lighter weight and more reps. Then, include a delicious protein shake after, have a chicken breast on your salad for lunch, and enjoy salmon as part of your dinner, for instance.

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Sleep your way to health.Get more sleep for better bone health

The last of our good health habits is about rest. Are you trying to pack too much into every day? Burning the candle on both ends may not even be the reason your sleep is compromised. Hormone fluctuations, stress, and dealing with a bed partner (two or four legged) with issues of their own may be preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep. Make it a point to get your sleep needs met this year. Sleep deprivation can significantly impair your cognitive ability, but furthermore, if you’re trying to lose weight, this is one of the most passive things you can do.

Long sleepers lost more weight and more of it was fat (as opposed to muscle losses which often result in metabolism slowing that causes regain). Before you try to increase exercise or get laser-focused on your diet, consider a new pillow or a better bedtime routine. Better health could be a few sweet dreams away.

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These four flips come from a new book coming out in 2017. Flipping 50’s 365 Simple, Sane, Strategies to Boost Energy, Build a Positive Mind, and Create the Body and Life You Love will be out later this year.

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