Fatty15: Funny Name, Serious Results

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When I first heard about the product Fatty15, I thought it was a joke. My mind raced back to my college days and the freshman 15, and I had some pretty heavy flashbacks (pun intended). However, after listening to what it was and how it can improve your life, I decided to stop being silly and try it.

The topic actually came up during a conversation with my mom. She’d visited earlier this year and had been feeling a little punky (that’s what she calls just not feeling herself). She didn’t have her normal energy level, had put on a few pounds, and just felt blah. Naturally, I worried about her and suggested she get some blood work done to see what was going on. She agreed to do it and made an appointment when she got home.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and she came to visit again. I noticed an immediate difference. She had more energy, she looked great, and when I inquired, she said she felt like her old self again. She told me she’d had her blood work done, and while there were no major issues, she could use a little fine-tuning. Her doctor then recommended she try Fatty15, a non-prescription supplement that helps protect our bodies against age-related breakdown.

The Battle of Good vs. Bad (Fats)

Fatty15 woman with pill

I always thought fat was fat, and I wanted to get rid of all of it! However, it turns out that I was wrong, and there are good fats that we need in order to keep our bodies running in peak condition. This brings us to Fatty15. It was designed by a team of doctors, scientists, and innovators that are dedicated to pioneering health at the cellular level. Their idea is to put back the “good” fat (like C15:0, the pure, patented vegan ingredient in fatty15) in our bodies, protecting us from cellular breakdown as we age.

Good fat starts with essential fatty acids. They’re some of the critical nutrients that our bodies need to support our cells and, in turn, help sustain good health. While many foods contain a mix of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ fatty acids, we really only want to keep the good fats in our bodies. One of the good guys is called pentadecanoic acid, more commonly known to scientists as C15:0. The problem is, while it’s good for us, we don’t produce it naturally and have to get it from food sources. This includes whole-fat milk and butter. Because of the wide array of diets and preferences we all follow, it can be challenging to get enough of it from food sources. Fatty15 (aka FA15™) is the answer to that because it’s the first supplement of pure, essential, vegan C15:0 on the market.

Here’s the 411

Fatty 15 bottle

So you now know what Fatty15 is, but we want to break it down so that you see the true physical benefits that are happening behind the scenes (aka, inside our bodies). As mentioned, Fatty15 reverses aging on a cellular level, but it does that in three key ways that work together to make a huge difference:

  1. It strengthens cells by making cell membranes 80% more stable. By doing that, it protects them from age-related breakdown.
  2. It restores cellular energy by improving mitochondrial function by 45% (did anybody else just flash back to our old science classes with the term ‘mitochondria’?). With this improvement, our cells can maintain energy long-term.
  3. It allows cells to talk to each other. It does that by improving cellular signaling by activating receptors, which helps to balance our immunity, metabolism, appetite, mood, and sleep.

These three key factors create healthier cells, a healthier body, and a healthier mind.

But What Does It Actually Do?

Good question! This little pill takes all of the science we just talked about and turns it into an anti-aging superhero. It does that by reversing cellular aging, which then turns into long-term benefits. Within 3-6 months of starting a daily dose of Fatty15, your body will feel a healthier metabolism, better heart health, improved liver health, balanced immunity, and potentially even a longer life! While those are all huge benefits, they equate to real physical and mental improvements, which 2 out of 3 users see within 6 weeks of starting the daily dose. These include:

  • Better, deeper sleep.
  • Improved mood
  • Less hunger between meals
  • More energy throughout the day
  • Healthier hair and skin

If you’re like me, these all sound like improvements I would like to see as soon as possible. Between work, kids, and life in general, I could definitely use better sleep and more energy. Improved hair and skin, less hunger, and a better mood as well? It’s the kind of change I thought I could only dream about.

Age Smarter and Stronger

Fatty15 kit

After the discussion with my mom, I put in my first order for Fatty15. I was surprised when it showed up as an empty bottle with little packets in tow. It turns out they’re environmentally-friendly as well, so after you get your first bottle (made from renewable materials, of course), you’ll only receive pouches of refills moving forward. Healthy and sustainable – a great combination. And it’s easy peasy: after you get your first batch, you can subscribe to get quarterly refills (with free shipping) and can cancel at any time.


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