A Bonafide Answer to Menopause Relief

At last we now have a natural approach that can deliver menopause relief without health risks or unpleasant side effects.

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Ever woken up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat? Found yourself in the throes of a hormonal rage that makes Linda Blair’s performance in “The Exorcist” look tame? Then you know that menopause is not for the faint of heart.

It doesn’t help matters that people sugarcoat this very real, very natural occurrence in a woman’s life with terms like “The Big M” or “The Change.” Menopause is not cute—nor is it something to be dismissed. At best, the symptoms are mildly inconvenient. At worst, they can significantly affect your quality of life. Open, honest conversations about symptoms and menopause relief are necessary.

For too long, hormone replacement therapy was a woman’s only option for relief from menopause symptoms. Fortunately, today’s modern menopausal woman has more options, including natural approaches that can deliver menopause relief without health risks or unpleasant side effects.

Bonafide is one company leading the way in natural alternatives backed by rigorous research and scientific validation. These non-prescription solutions use a blend of ingredients that address the very real symptoms of everything from PMS to menopause without any added hormones—or any added sugar coating!

The problem: Hot Flashes/Night Sweats

Woman having a hot flash, cooling off with a fan

If you’ve ever experienced a hot flash, you know firsthand how uncomfortable they can be—and not just physically. There is also the embarrassment factor that comes from suddenly and unexpectedly dripping with perspiration. You might as well have a neon sign on your forehead flashing “menopause.” And can we all agree that nothing disrupts a night of needed restorative sleep like waking up in a puddle of your own sweat? Talk about a nightmare!

The Solution: Relizen

If you dream of a sweat-free slumber or a day free from flashes, Relizen may be the natural menopause relief you are seeking. Made with pure, plant-based ingredients like a proprietary pollen blend, Relizen works by regulating your internal thermostat, restoring your body’s natural ability to control temperature without any hormonal side effects. After taking Relizen every day for three months, the majority of women in a clinical study realized a significant improvement in both the frequency and intensity of their hot flashes and night sweats by the third month. Effective and safe, it can help you keep your cool about menopause.

The Problem: Mood Swings

Frustrated and angry woman screaming

Your body temperature probably isn’t the only thing running hot and cold. Feelings of depression, irritability, and unease are all part of menopausal mood swings and can often occur within the same day—or hour! Is feeling like yourself again too much to ask? Not at all!

The Solution: Serenol

Put mood swings on standby with the hormone-free Serenol, shown to reduce irritability and mood swings in as little as two months. Serenol is formulated from a nutrient-rich royal jelly (because you’re a queen bee) that works in conjunction with the company’s proprietary pollen to tackle your toughest moods. An added bonus? Serenol contains chromium picolinate, a mineral essential for a healthy metabolism that can help fight food cravings and reduce calorie intake. In other words, emotional eating binges are gone!

The Problem: Vaginal Dryness

Not only is vaginal dryness physically uncomfortable, it can also be uncomfortable for many women to talk about. But the truth is, vaginal dryness is a normal result of a drop in estrogen as we get older. Less estrogen means less blood flow. Less blood flow means thinner, dryer, less lubricated vaginal walls that can result in burning, irritation, and pain during intercourse. Rather than risk the embarrassment of bringing it up with their doctors, many women suffer in silence when they could still have an enjoyable sex life.

The Solution: Revaree

Made from hyaluronic acid (yes, the same stuff we put on our faces for moist, supple skin), Revaree is an applicator-free vaginal insert that helps retain moisture, rejuvenating and repairing dry, damaged vaginal tissues. Naturally occurring in the body, hyaluronic acid attracts and holds up to 1000x its weight in moisture, making it ideal for lubricating and healing this sensitive area without the use of hormones. It’s easy to use—a no-mess, no-stress way to alleviate discomfort and get back to enjoying a happy, healthy sex life.

The Problem: Where’d the “O” Go?

Worried woman in bed

“I can’t get no satisfaction” is more than just a song by the Rolling Stones—it’s a common complaint from menopausal women. Achieving sexual arousal—let alone orgasm—can be challenging for women as they age. Again, low estrogen-reducing blood flow to the vaginal area can be the culprit, dulling the body’s response to sexual stimulation. Rather than resign yourself to a life of less-than-satisfactory sex, try a natural solution to reclaim your relations and increase intimacy.

The Solution: Ristela

Your orgasm isn’t gone—it’s just in hiding! The natural ingredients in Ristela can help you find it again by working together to increase the blood flow to the vaginal area, making it easier for sexually active women to become physically aroused and experience orgasms. It contains a proprietary plant-based blend of French Maritime pine bark extract, antioxidants, and naturally occurring amino acids to help amplify sexual satisfaction without any hormonal side effects. You’re welcome!

The Problem: Vaginal Odor

When your vagina deviates from its natural scent, it can be alarming (and embarrassing). Changes in vaginal odor are often accompanied by other uncomfortable symptoms, too. That includes itching, irritation, and discharge. These changes are the result of changes to your vaginal microbiome and can become more common in women as hormone levels and vagina pH is in flux. 

The Solution: Clairvee

Clairvee is a unique vaginal probiotic that’s scientifically validated to reduce odor, itching, irritation, and discharge. While other probiotics target gut health, Clairvee restores balance to the vaginal microbiome with two strains of the good bacteria that occur naturally in the vagina: Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus rhamnosus. It also has a patented capsule-in-capsule technology to ensure freshness and effectiveness. Clairvee only needs to be taken for 15 consecutive days to produce month-long effects. 

The Problem: Visibly Aging in Hair and Skin

Caucasian Woman Looking in Mirror, Touching Beautiful Face, Soft Skin. Elderly Lady with Lush Black Hair. Female Beauty, Dignity, Grace. Sensual Wellness and Organic Skincare Products. Portrait Shot

The decline in estrogen brought on by menopause can lead to changes in appearance. This includes skin sagging and dryness, as well as hair loss and thinning. Visible signs of aging are nothing to be ashamed about—they’re evidence of a life well-lived. That said, it’s also perfectly normal to feel anxiety around these changes, especially for women, who are unfairly taxed by traditional beauty standards. 

The Solution: Silvessa

Silvessa is Bonafide’s answer to the anxieties surrounding the visible signs of aging. This 3-part system includes a daily capsule, hair serum, and face serum. The products can be purchased individually to treat symptoms or used together as the foundation of a daily routine. 

  • Silvessa Capsule is designed to restore collagen with three powerful ingredients: biotin, silica, and phycocyanin. These ingredients work together to improve your hair and skin health today while protecting against damage tomorrow.
  • Silvessa Face Serum combines hyaluronic acid with essential vitamins B3, B5, C & E. These ingredients provide deep hydration to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles and promote the appearance of firmer skin.
  • Silvessa Hair Serum has naturally restorative ingredients, including an exclusive strengthening formulation of silica and biotin. It’s designed to visibly increase hair volume, thickness, and growth while boosting shine and strength. 

Menopause doesn’t have to mean suffering. In fact, reaching menopause gives you full license to keep it real as often as you please. Bonafide’s products keep it real, too, with a promise to solve perfectly natural symptoms with natural alternatives. These non-prescription, hormone-free solutions are here to help you ease into a transition, allowing you to remain comfortable in your body and feel like yourself.


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