50 Ways to Leave Your 40s: #19 The Supper Club

Supper Club

When my good friend Trish advertised that she and another gorgeous lady, Julie, were going to host a Supper Club, I got a little giddy. As someone who loves her food – some may say a little too much – I couldn’t think of anything better than attending an informal dinner (party) with fabulous food, wine and great company.

Now attending a dinner party isn’t that much of a new experience I’ll agree – although I very rarely get asked out (or in) to dinner these days, so I guess it’s an unusual experience for me. But attending a Supper Club that’s 120 miles away from home and not knowing anyone except the host – now that is a new experience!

So I set off last Friday afternoon and made my way north – yes, I know not exactly the best of moves but my trusty Sat Nav took me off the blocked M6 and around country lanes, across farmland, through private estates, town centres and roadworks to keep heading north. The sky darkened as I drove; the temperature dropped on the car dashboard and the first flecks of snow started to fall. Oh god – I wasn’t prepared for being trapped in my car! I didn’t have a shovel, a warm blanket or any emergency chocolate (like that would have survived this far anyway!) – all I had was my skinny black jeans and a pair of silver heels. Not exactly a survival kit…

But on I drove, too scared to stop for a wee and eventually after 3 long hours, I reached my destination. With a lot less time to get ready than I’d planned! But still, amazing what a slick of lippy and a whoosh of hair wax can do…

And suddenly I was nervous – or was it apprehensive? Contrary to poplar believe I am actually quite shy – especially around strangers – and the thought of walking into a room full of women I didn’t know made me feel more than a little bit sick. Fortunately, and by the grace of God, a good friend of mine from our Arbonne business arrived and I relaxed a little. But still the butterflies circled around and around in my tummy and my inner self doubt kept pecking my head…what are you doing? why are you here? why don’t you go all the way back home?

I needn’t have worried.

Both hostesses were fabulous and made everyone (about 15 of us) feel very welcome, at ease and well…like we belonged; like we should have been there. The other women were from a variety of backgrounds; some with their own businesses and some just looking to network, eat and drink with like minded women. And here’s the thing – sometimes ‘networking’ groups can be incredibly dull; far too formal and always require you to do a 60 second introduction – the part that everyone despises and does it through very gritted teeth. But this ‘networking’ group (it’s a crime to even call it that) was so much more than boring business updates – it was light, easy, informal, fun, full of laughter, chatter, numbers swopped for genuine reasons (not just because you felt obliged to) and friendships were definitely formed.

The Supper Club

Add in the fabulous food (I had brie melts and a gorgeous risotto) wonderful wine and even a goody bag full of lovely stuff, it really was a perfect Friday evening. We may have started the evening as strangers, but I know we will keep in touch and meet again – be that to share business or share a bottle of white at the next Supper Club.

So, yet again I stepped out of my comfort zone and yet again was pleasantly surprised. And my best advice if you get invited to a Supper Club?


Go on your own and embrace it; embrace yourself for being a strong, independent female and embrace your fellow diners – you never know who you may meet!

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