9 Signs of a Womanizer

Dating as a mature woman is difficult enough, but meeting a womanizer makes it even harder. Here are nine red flags and signs to look out for.
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Player. Casanova. Rake. Lothario. Don Juan. Ladies’ Man. These are all terms we’ve either heard or read when describing a womanizer, and they all mean the same thing: a guy who loves the ladies and enjoys plenty of casual affairs. Here are nine signs of a womanizer that you should be aware of. 

Womanizer 101

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In a nutshell, a womanizer is a man who likes to hop in the sack with plenty of ladies. He loves relationships that are non-commital and often has several of these casual, sexual relationships going at the same time. But here’s the deal: they let on that they want a serious relationship with you—and plenty of other women at the same time. 

Now, if I were to dig into the psychology of a womanizer, here’s where it gets fascinating. They often grow up believing that manliness comes from independence and not being controlled by a woman. Oftentimes, their parents had a tumultuous relationship that either ended in the father becoming an alcoholic or a workaholic, or the marriage ended in divorce. 

When it really boils down to it, a womanizer has issues of self-confidence and self-identity. So, to help make themselves feel better, they seek the comfort of many women. 

And sadly, many women adore the habits and personality of a womanizer because these kinds of men make women feel good about themselves while they’re around. But these affections are often only temporary, and women can fall head over heels while the man is happy keeping things casual. 

So, what exactly are the big signs to look out for? Keep reading


He Exudes Charisma 

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Womanizers have an effortless way of sweet-talking the ladies. The reason why he’s so good at it is as he’s had plenty of practice to get his words out precisely the way he knows you’ll like them. 

What Friends?

You may be chomping at the bit to have him meet your friends and introduce them to the person you think is the perfect gentleman, but what about his friends? Have you ever met them? When he knows all about you, but you’re clueless when it comes to his family and friends, that’s a big warning sign that he’s a player. 

Weekend Warrior

If you only have date nights during the week, it’s a good sign that he’s playing more than one of you. Potentially, he has other women in the rotation that he sees on the weekends.

No Dates to Speak Of

If you’re willing to share your dating past, but he’s very close-lipped, throw up that red warning flag. It may be to hide the fact that they’ve only had relationships that are short lasting. 

Power Dynamics

Wanting to have several sexual relationships at one time is all about one thing: power. Look for signs that he wants to take control. 

No Future Talk

If you’re heading to the magazine stand to buy the most recent issues of Bride or Family Living because you see yourself going the long haul with your guy, but he either blows off your discussions or flat-out refuses to talk about them, it might be because he’s only thinking about a temporary relationship and doesn’t want to share that he’s been in flight mode since the beginning. 

Cagey & Secretive

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When I met my husband, we were open books to each other. In fact, one of the main reasons I fell for him so quickly is that I could ask him anything about his past, and he would give me an honest answer, whether the truth was painful to talk about or not. To this day, I know that I can ask him anything, and he’ll give it to me straight. 

If your guy is secretive when it comes to his past or the personal things in his life, this might be an eye-opener that he’s not willing to share because he doesn’t want you to know the real him and his Casanova style. 

He’s Friendly with the Ladies—Even When You’re Around

For a womanizer, every woman has the potential to become his next temporary amour. So, even if you’re around, he’s going to turn up the charm and throw out that fishing line to see if he can grab his next catch. Additionally, if he has an “available” vibe even in your presence, keep a close watch. 

Sky High Ego

If the guy you’re digging is all about him, it’s only to his benefit. He loves the attention that women provide him and uses it to boost his ego. Womanizers tend to have a lack of respect for the other sex, so watch out if he tends to get upset if you’re not feeding his fragile ego machine. 

Now that you know the signs of a womanizer, you should be better equipped to avoid them in your search for “the one.” 

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