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Top 5 Questions Women Ask About Hormones

If you are a woman somewhere around the ages of 40-60, this article is for you. It answers the top 5 questions women ask about hormones and will help you understand what your doctor won't share or may not even fully understand. 1. Are Hormones Safe? Hormone therapy is now… Read more


Surprising Ways You Can Help Prevent Dementia

Researchers estimate that nearly 100,000 cases of dementia in American adults could have been prevented simply by having better vision, particularly in middle age. Sensory loss has gotten more attention recently for its role in dementia risk. In the same study, dual hearing and vision problems increased the risk of… Read more

Finding Balance

Healthy Habits Through Self-Accountability

Have you found yourself resolved to foster healthy habits in the morning, but by the time evening rolls around, it has disappeared? What are your roadblocks? Going out to eat? Unexpected guests? Started a project, and time got away from you? Becoming overwhelmed, or you didn't feel like it later… Read more

Dating - New Love

Where to Find High-Quality Men

“Where can I meet a high-quality man?” It’s the question of the ages – at least for some of us of a certain age. We are burned out on trying to meet quality men on apps, at parties, and in bars, where high-value men co-mingle with bargain basement dudes, and… Read more


Best Denim Jackets for Women Over 50

Chilly evenings are on the horizon, but we're not sweating it, because we've got a secret weapon when it comes to staying warm without ruining your outfit. What's that, you ask? A denim jacket. Sure, you can wear a cardigan or a fleece jacket, but they aren't quite as fun,… Read more


How Balance Contributes To A Longer Life

When I was a 6-year-old kid, I remember stepping on my grandma's toes accidentally. She screeched in pain, and as a reflex, I cowered apologetically. My grandparents always seemed old, and I don't think it's because of my perspective as a child thinking everyone over the age of 25 was… Read more

Career Maker

Are These 3 Traits Helping or Hurting You at Work?

I have been coaching entrepreneurs and women in business for over 35 years. I have run my own company and live an entrepreneurial life daily! I've learned a few things that might help you in your effort to create a business, grow a business, or even succeed in working in… Read more

Featured Women

Women Who Inspire – Mariel Hemingway

Mariel Hemingway was born into one of the most famous families of recent times – and one of the most troubled. Although greatly talented, highly intelligent, and extremely attractive, members of the family struggled with depression, trauma, eating disorders, addiction – and ultimately suicide. But Mariel Hemingway is determined to… Read more