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Fashion Finds: Top 10 Sweater Dresses for Fall

Has there ever been any wardrobe choice as easy as a comfy sweater dress when the temps start to dip? The only thing that comes close is the ease of summer dresses, and the sweater dresses for fall are exactly their cold weather counterpart. From chunky to chic, day to… Read more

Books and TV

Sandy’s Selections: Best New Books for Holiday Reading

Every month, Sandy Dominy presents us with an assortment of the best new books, and suggests similar reading you might enjoy. Let's take a look at the novels, biographeis and non-fiction selections that can take you through any holiday downtime.  The Reckoning by John Grisham October 2018, Fiction, #1 Best… Read more

Family & Friends

Staying Connected With Your Long Distance Kids

While you were probably excited when your older children first decided to leave the nest, when they move a distance away, it can be a little harder to handle an empty nest. You may feel your relationship is difficult to maintain and that you're not as close as you once… Read more

Anti Aging

Brachioplasty: Prepare Your Arms for Warmer Weather Now

There are some procedures that just make sense to do at certain times of the year. Brachioplasty is one of them. If you want to be ready for short sleeves or even sleeveless styles come spring and summer, then fall and winter are perfect for scheduling a brachioplasty procedure.  Excess… Read more

Personal Growth

Editor’s Note: A November of Gratitude

Happy November, everyone. Hope you made it through October as well as we have here - except for the rain we've had record amounts of in North Texas. At least the wet weather may bring us a little autumn color in our trees. More often than not, our leaves just… Read more

Personal Growth

50 Ways to Leave Your 40s: #1 Clubbercise

If you haven't read the first of this series from Jo Howell - about her determination to find 50 ways to leave her 40s, you may want to back up and start there. We hope this series will encourage anyone reaching a milestone birthday – or any birthday – to… Read more

Marriage & Divorce

Is Lack of Sex Behind Midlife Divorce?

Getting a divorce midlife – is it the sex? Last month, I wrote an article on “grey divorces” and how getting a divorce might be caused, in part, by a different attitude toward the second half of life. If one half of a partnership is ready to take up advanced… Read more

Food and Wine

Easy and Delicious Tamale Tart Recipe

Tart recipes can be challenging or easy. I'm happy to say, this tamale tart recipe is easy as...pie, and everyone will love it. All you have to do is break down your tamales, press into a tart pan, then pour in our easy filling and bake. Plus, it involves a… Read more