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Neutrals: Gems for Easy Mix & Match Dressing

Pulling together a look for every occasion with a collection of a few pieces has never been easier than this Spring/Summer 2019 season. It really takes no effort to throw together these beautiful shades of cream, ivory, beige, oatmeal and stone while adding in some deeper, richer and brown shades to give your neutral wardrobe more variety. There's no lack… Read more


Reduce Belly Fat That Will Kill You

The return of the curvy woman as a beauty icon is a welcome development. But while we now know that you don’t have to be super-skinny to be healthy, it’s still best to strive for curves in all the right places, as the saying goes -- and not where they… Read more

Career Transition

Find Your Passion and Grit

So you want to find your passion and be satisfied with your work? It probably will not surprise you to learn that, in general, drive and determination, not great natural talent, lead to exceptional success. The old belief that “talent will surface” on its own is largely a myth. In… Read more

Dating - New Love

Marketing 101 for Online Dating

Today I was strolling down the fresh men aisle at my favorite dating site. No one was enticing enough to pick off the shelf and examine more closely. I wasn’t even drawn to read any labels (profiles). What was wrong? Lack of marketing. With very few exceptions, online daters don’t… Read more

Food and Wine

Portobello Goat Cheese Napoleons

If you are looking for an elegant and delicious appetizer, look no further than this recipe for portobello goat cheese napoleons. Goat cheese is a great pairing with portobello mushrooms and the tarragon dressing add just the right zip of flavoring to pull it all together. Enjoy! Tarragon Dressing 2… Read more


Fashion Over 50: It’s a Fine Line

For me, it wasn’t life-changing hitting the big 5-0. Although I did have one fear – what does fashion over 50 look like in terms of stylish, youthful clothing? Gone are the days of searching through racks at Forever 21 and Rue 21. Once in a while, I still browse… Read more


How to Get Started With Swim Workouts

Swimming is promoted as one of the best full body workouts. And there are many good reasons for that. Swim workouts are a great way to work out as we get older since the support of the water means less stress on our joints. That’s all well and good but… Read more

Books and TV

Sandy’s Selections: Your March Reading List

A great book can take you on far away journeys, perhaps, even-to Oz. The March reading list offers a look at the world through women, and female characters. Finding Dorothy by Elizabeth Letts | Historical Fiction Finding Dorothy is the story behind the Wizard of Oz, the book that inspired… Read more

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