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50 Ways to Leave Your 40s: #6 Hot Stone Massage

After somewhat a rather busy and stressful few weeks, my poor knackered back started to take the brunt and went into aching overdrive. Like many of us in our late 40's, bad backs are part of the course these days and mine comes and goes on a fairly regular basis.… Read more

Books and TV

Vegan-uary: One Omnivore’s Take on Going Vegan

January is the time many of us reflect on the previous year and think about what we can do better in the new one. Should we exercise more, reduce screen time, or go on a diet? What about going vegan? Meaning no meat, fish, dairy or honey. Or pescatarian, a… Read more


How I Keep My Stomach From Feeling Its Age

There is a lot of good that comes with growing older. It might mean you get to slow things down a bit and enjoy grandchildren, for example. You are that much nearer to retirement, too, and the chance to relax. The downside to aging though is health concerns. The older you… Read more

Food and Wine

Slow Cooker Salsa Verde Chicken Chowder

Winter is a great time for slow cooker soups. And nothing beats coming home to great smells permeating the whole house! This recipe for Salsa Verde Chicken Chowder checks all the boxes. There's more than adequate protein, especially if you add the beans. Check. It's made with healthy low cal… Read more


Fashion Finds: Top 10 Turtlenecks Under $100

Toasty turtlenecks are a real winter-wardrobe lifesaver. Ubiquitously French chic, a simple turtleneck tee with a pair of jeans and flats is a great go-to look for everyday wear. But the turtleneck's tireless style doesn't end there. In today's fashion world, half-nostalgic and half-futurism, the shape of the turtle neck… Read more


Starting The New Year With a Fresh Haircare Routine

Our hair is known as our crowning glory. I certainly know myself if I’m having a good hair day, all else follows suit. So why not start the New Year with a fresh new hair care routine for the ultimate in restored and luscious locks? While I do have product… Read more


Knowing When You Need to Supplement Your Diet

As you age, your digestive tract begins to slow down. It doesn't produce enough enzymes to work as efficiently as it did in the past. When your digestive tract becomes sluggish, it's much less likely to be able to extract the nutrients you need from the foods you eat. This… Read more

Food and Wine

8 Hottest Healthy Food and Beverage Trends

Food & Beverage Trends for 2019 Aliso Viejo, CA. For the seventh consecutive year, Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie, breaks down the top 8 healthy food and beverage trends. 1. Adaptogen Add-Ons As our society gets more and more frazzled, fried and wigged out, the need to bring balance and… Read more

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