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7 Women Empowerment Benefits Through Golf

Legend has it that during her 1587 trial it was brought to fold that Mary Queen of Scots played a round of golf, just days after the death of her husband, Lord Danley. At the time prosecutors used the round as evidence of poor, if not suspicious, character. Certainly, nobody at the time would question a man’s need for seeking the therapeutic effects of the links (and whether the notorious queen was looking for comfort is seriously in question due to the circumstances surrounding the whole affair). But golf is a recognized source for lovers of the game, women included, to seek its many benefits to the mind and body.

Business Benefits

Of the 27 million golfers in the United States, women account for six million. But that number is growing and it is very important to the growth and future success of the game. Golf has been widely deemed as the sport of business. Over 80% of golfers believe that playing the game with business associates or clients is an important business development tool, according to a recent Barron’s survey.

With the increase in women taking their rightful place in the executive offices, the golf course setting for networking with clients, prospects, and colleagues is equally important for women to be joining their male counterparts on the links.

Burning Calories

women playing golf

Doctors have been recommending golf to both women and men for years due to the sport’s numerous health benefits. Typically, an 18-hole round of golf (walking), can be equal to a 30-minute gym session. Simply walking the course and carrying your clubs can help you burn about 400 calories per hour. So, with just a 9-hole loop taking about two hours you can expect to burn nearly 900 calories without much effort.

Increased Circulation

Whether you play just 9 holes or a full 18-hole round, you’ll be getting several hours of steady exercise. With the heart pumping more you increase your circulation. This reduces the risk of heart disease, your levels of “bad” cholesterol and it also benefits your skin.

Improved Concentration

For many women, menopause can bring about issues with difficulty in concentration. While exercising your heart and circulatory system, golf is a perfect sport to exercise your cognitive skills as well. Spending time at the golf course you will hone your concentration skills while focusing on hitting the ball where you want. Evaluating each hole, deciding which club to use and how to tackle the next shot will also exercise the mind. Every player, at every skill level, needs to concentrate on the course, and those benefits can carry over even after the last hole is finished.

Decision Making

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No round of golf is ever the same. And because of that playing the game often can help keep your brain sharp. Even if you’re playing the same course every day, each round will require a different strategy because every time you play a hole, the result is never the same. No two shots are ever identical, requiring decisions on every swing like choosing a short wedge, an intermediate club or long iron. The ability to adapt and make decisions on the fly is beneficial even when you’re off the course.

Stress Relief

The smooth and steady pace of golf is a great reliever of stress. The fresh air and serene, calming environment can quell the frustration found during even the roughest of rounds. The endorphins released by your body thanks to the exercise, along with the social interaction of spending time with friends, can do plenty to take the edge off of the rigors of daily life.

Combating Insomnia

Women of all ages suffer from insomnia, but menopause can amplify the problem. A few games of golf, with the fresh air, exposure to nature, and increased endorphins and blood circulation, can do wonders when dealing with sleep disorders. Golfers typically fall asleep faster and enjoy deeper sleep for longer periods.



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