10 Smart Reasons to Take Up Golf

take up golf

If you are a savvy, fun-loving Prime Woman, then maybe this is the year to take up golf.

Here is an array of reasons – whether you are a first-timer or someone who enjoyed the sport at an earlier time in life:

1. Epicenter of Power.

Golf might as well be the official sport of business, according to CNNMoney. Relationships on the green often lead to deals in the board room. If you are continuing your career, networking for a new direction, raising money for a non-profit or any other type of initiative, golf is an efficient way to connect with important decision-makers who can open doors, write a check and make a difference.

2. Love on the Links.

If you are married or in a relationship, golf is a wonderful way to spend time together. You can do it in advanced age. You can play locally and when you travel. You can play with other couples. It is a lovely, quiet way to tune out the bustle and stress of daily life. Take up golf together! If your partner is already a golfer, take some lessons and join him on the links. My husband recently retired and we are returning to the links together after a ten year absence. For us, it’s a romantic return to our dating days – evoking happy memories of how we met, our early years of marriage as expats in Scotland and now a new adventure in mature life.

3. Target a Twosome.

If you are single in search of a relationship or male companionship, I offer you these three words: Location. Location. Location. It is where the men are! Why not take up golf as a strategic supplement to online dating? The male population on the greens outnumber women by probably 10:1. Within that number are plenty of men who are single. The stats are very attractive! (Testimonial: It’s how a friend and I met our husbands. Two weddings out of two foursomes! Need I say more?)

4. Make New Friends.

Golf is a great way to meet new women friends. It is easy to find groups of like-minded, fitness-oriented, fun-loving females who are at your same stage of mastery whether you are a beginner, social golfer, competitive low handicapper or trying to take up golf again after an absence from the sport.

5. You Get to Be Outdoors.

Golf delivers the best of both worlds. You are enjoying fresh air. But you are in a comfortable cart – shielded from blistering sun, wind or rain!

6. It is Good Exercise.

Even when riding a cart, you can get 7,000+ steps on your Fitbit. You will feel fabulous swinging the club…bending, stretching and striding along the course.

7. You Don’t Have to Join a Country Club.

Not a member? No worries! You won’t have to go far from home to find a driving range, practice green, municipal golf course or public access facility. Excellent golf resources abound – all around the world.

8. You Don’t Even Have to Go to a Golf Course.

TopGolf is an amazing new entertainment venue that started in the U.K. and is expanding like wildfire around the U.S. and globally. It is a blast! It offers a fun, point-scoring golf game for all skill levels, food/bev and music. The seating areas and tee boxes are indoors, but open to lighted, outdoor targets. Fun for family, friends, couples and singles.

9. It Doesn’t Take Much to Get Started.

Find a used set of clubs on-line or in a golf shop, then a PGA teaching professional for a series of lessons.  I started with offcasts from a friend who upgraded and ultimately spent a career stint as a golf/lifestyle editor!   You’ll start getting a feel for the game. Then, you will be ready to invest in your own set of custom-fitted clubs.   https://www.pga.org/directory?showconnections=false

10. The New Technology is Awesome.

Oh. My. Gosh. The new generation of golf clubs will make a massive difference in your game. The driver heads are as big as cantaloupes! And there are fabulous new hybrids with adjustable lofts that are total game-changers for fairway shots. So much easier for a beginner to see success faster. If you tried golf in the past and struggled with disappointing yardage, the new technology will completely revive your game — an incentive to take up golf again.

Prime Women Bonus Tip….The fashions are cute! When I first took up golf, we were stuck wearing men’s knockoff attire. Boxy, heavy cotton polo shirts. V-neck sweater vests like my father used to wear. Today, women’s golf wear is fun and figure-flattering! With moisture-wicking fabric technology! The styles are so attractive, I recommend golf attire to women friends updating their outdoor casual wear.



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