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Summer is Time for Healthier Meal Choices

This time of year is what I look forward to. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy many foods that are available ALL year round, but the selection at the grocery store is incredible for making healthy summer recipes. I’m trying to stick to fruits, vegetables and meats. I feel better when I fuel my body with the most basic grown foods. That doesn’t mean taste and creativity become compromised. Not at all. I do consume dairy, as I like cream in my coffee and I do enjoy cheese. There aren’t a lot of foods I don’t like, just some foods that don’t like me. I’ve had to eliminate those that aren’t helpful in my quest to get fit and healthier. Food is fuel.

I’ve been cooking more lately and as I do, I think of foods that compliment one another. It’s also helpful for me to check out the healthy summer recipes that come across pages on Facebook. I’ve “liked” some food pages, and they are extremely helpful in providing ideas for certain dishes I’ve made. I may at times make modifications to the recipes, but I appreciate their inspiration and the guidelines are fantastic. Food Network is also a wonderful source for those of us who need a little guidance.

So, I’ve been slowly eliminating processed foods as I find I don’t feel as good when they are included in my diet. It’s the KISS principle. Keep it simple. The more basic the diet, the better. There are times I have crackers and some chips, but over time I have drastically reduced ingesting them. It’s interesting how our bodies crave certain foods.

When I was a child, my mother would make brussel sprouts. Needless to say, I wasn’t a fan. As an adult, that’s changed. They are actually really tasty with butter and lemon, slowly cooked and marinated. I actually enjoy them as well as roasted veggies of all kinds. I found this recipe not long ago, and it’s so good that I prepare it and really enjoy it. I must share it with you. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Larger meals weigh me down. I am eating smaller portions but more frequently. Since this has been the case, I find I am losing weight. I try to keep my meals to foods that truly benefit my needs. I’m listening to my body. I’ve eliminated foods I have found react in my body negatively and try to avoid them. Since I was diagnosed as hypothyroid and anemic several years ago, I make sure I consume iron, multi-vitamins and Omega 3/fish oils. I also take vitamins A and D.

I’ve also been taking a probiotic for digestion and health. Many of us have to adjust our diets for our lifestyles, genetic dispositions and medicines. That’s okay because there are so any creative ideas and recipes that are beneficial when it comes to health and our particular circumstances. I was trying to cut down on breads and dough recently as I found after eating certain breads, I felt bloated. In my search, I found a substitute. I especially like using raw cauliflower to create a crust for pizza

During the day or for a quick snack, yogurt with peaches is refreshing and beets with sour cream are quick and easy, light but beneficial. Beets contain iron and vitamins A, C, and fiber!

If you are looking for an idea for taco night, I tried using butter leaf lettuce as the shell instead of tortillas. You can fill it with meat or chicken and add cheese or sour cream. It’s a creative way to have tacos. Have you tried this? They’d be great for a party or served as an appetizer. They can be rolled up to instantly become an egg roll. Perfect for your summer parties.

The possibilities are endless for healthy summer recipes. There are so many choices with spring and summer foods. I especially enjoy grilled watermelon and pineapple. There is just something about grilling foods that changes their flavor, and what you might expect is much better.

Here’s to summer and sharing healthy summer recipes and tasty dishes filled with great flavors! 

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