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Video: Belly Busters – Stability Ball Exercises for Your Core

We all want a flat tummy, but let’s face it, core exercises like crunches and sit ups can wreak havoc on our lower backs. To combat that issue and help us work our cores safely, we contacted our friend and contributing fitness editor, Debra Atkinson of Flipping Fifty, to show us a few stability ball exercises.

These exercises are best for intermediate or advanced individuals, so take care out there and don’t overdo!

The first of our stability ball exercises is the Leg Extension. Leaning back on the ball, move slowly through the leg extensions, one after the other, and engage your stomach musckes. It may take a little “dancing” to get these right, but you’ll feel how maintaining your balance strengthens your core.

The second of our stability ball exercises is the Ball Plank. This is a variation on the floor plank. Leaning on the ball – with your forearms engaged in balancing your weight, elongate your body and push back with your heels.

In the third exercise you’ll lie with your stomach on the stability ball, then crawl forward with your hands until your legs are balanced on the ball. From there, raise one leg at a time. You’ll feel this in your core and glutes.

Remember: Always make sure you check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

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For a beginner exercise that will tighten and strengthen your core without doing unnecessary damage to your discs, visit our Prime Women YouTube channel and get started today with “Are Your Core Exercises Hurting Your Back?

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