Because life can become more meaningful when we find purpose to our lives, you’ll find out how other Prime Women are finding purpose in their second acts.

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Because life can become more meaningful when we find purpose to our lives, you’ll find out how other Prime Women are finding purpose in their second acts.

Building a Personal Brand
Personal Growth

Why Building a Personal Brand Is Important to Your Second Act

Five Critical Steps When Building a Personal Brand that Positively Influences Your Career Who are you? Maybe your perception of you is different fro... Read More
Do You Know Yourself
Personal Growth

Do You Know Yourself? A Question to Ask Yourself Approaching Your Second Act

I had the good fortune of attending the United State of Women Summit in Washington, D.C. earlier this year. The Summit is convened by The White House... Read More
People Skills
Personal Growth

Never Too Old to Develop People Skills

We live in a world where people skills seem to have vanished. Have you had any of the following reactions in the past month or maybe in the past... Read More
5 Keys to Success
Personal Growth

5 Keys to Success: What You Must Give Up

You've read lots of articles and books about setting goals and what you need to do to be successful at any endeavor. The keys to success lie in taking... Read More
Habits for Success
Personal Growth

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Women

Highly effective women in their prime years generally have more discretionary time than younger women who may be juggling young children while maintai... Read More
Increase Creativity
Personal Growth

Can Saying No Increase Creativity?

I first heard of Kevin Ashton in the radio frequency identification industry long ago when I had a career in the semiconductor industry. And now that ... Read More
Closet Career Change
Personal Growth

To Change Your Career or Life, Start with Your Closet

The clutter in your closet - at home or the office - might be holding you back from the career change or ideal life you seek. Here are five steps to c... Read More
Personal Growth

Sketch On the Road – A Sense of Place

We are all creative. Exploring a new year may include exploring your creative side. To be more creative, make some time and space to do things differe... Read More
Art Studio
Personal Growth

Dick Evan’s Studio: Creativity Space

It’s a special treat to visit an artist’s studio. In July 2015 while in Santa Fe, NM, I visited the studios of two outstanding artists, Dick Evans... Read More
Personal Growth

Four Thought Worthy Phrases In Pursuing Your Passion

Mike Dooley (www.tut.com) in his Notes From The Universe inspires us each. This time he lands on four thought worthy phrases that fit passionate work ... Read More
Personal Growth

Passion, Happiness and Empathy

Much has been written online in response to the provocative research by Stanford neuroscientist Sylvia Morelli and her quote ”Being distracted reduc... Read More
Personal Growth

Malala Day

Most young women celebrate their sixteenth birthday by receiving their driver’s license, getting a new car and throwing a party for all their friend... Read More

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