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Retire in florida feature
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11 Best Places to Retire in Florida

Getting older happens, and we all need to think of the states that make the best destinations for spending our senior years. Florida is an ideal spot ... Read More
Empty nester
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3 Tips for Living Your Best Life as an Empty Nester

We all hear horror stories of being an empty nester. That we will miss our kids so much that we can’t function. That we’ll pine away, just waiting... Read More
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Best Small Texas Towns For Retiring

Whether you prefer a cozy, coastal community or a hill country hideaway, the great state of Texas has it all. That, along with mild winters and no sta... Read More
Retirement home vs nursing home
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What Is the Difference Between a Retirement Home and a Nursing Home?

Figuring out the right living arrangement for an older adult can be challenging. Whether it is about leaving the home they have lived in for many year... Read More
7 things widows should consider if they're thinking of moving
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New Widowhood. New Residence?

Young women don’t think about widowhood – in their minds it’s too far in the future. Middle-aged women may think about it from time to time, if ... Read More
midlife crisis
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Why You’re Having a Midlife Crisis and Don’t Even Know It

Part 1 of Midlife Crisis What is midlife anyway? It is a term that elicits a lot of reactions from people in it, people approaching it and people pas... Read More
5 Ways to Ensure a Happy Retirement
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How to Ensure A Happy Retirement

I recently wrote about factors to consider before retiring in a special two-part series on being satisfied with, and making the best of your retiremen... Read More
The Retirement Plan
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The Retirement Plan: 5 Tips to Consider

I went kicking and screaming. My husband’s employer, Procter & Gamble, strongly encouraged their employees, as they approached 50 years of age, ... Read More
Retirement Life
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Growing, Excelling and Having Fun in Retirement Life

The following is a submission from a Prime Women subscriber on how she's learned to embrace retirement by getting out of her comfort zone. Hi, I'm I... Read More
Powerful Women
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Older, Wiser and Rocking Their 70s – Powerful Women In the News!

The New York Times, bless their hearts, published an article by Emily Eakin, entitled "70 and Female is the New Cool." Like we weren't before! And ... Read More
What to Do In Retirement
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What to Do In Retirement? Ideas on How to Share Your Time and Talent

You’ve come a long way, baby! We’re living longer than ever – average life expectancy for women is now over 80 years, 81.3 to be exact. With ten... Read More
second act
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Choose a New Path: Second Act Career Options

Why would you or any woman give up a successful career to make a second act career change? Like lots of middle-aged women, you could experience burnou... Read More