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celebrate turning 50
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Don’t Erase It, Embrace It: 3 Ways to Celebrate Turning 50 in Style

Looking to celebrate turning 50? For years, women have dreaded the big 5-0 for a variety of reasons. It doesn't help that entering mid-life has commo... Read More
backpacking trip
Family & Friends

A Mother-Daughter Backpacking Trip Reveals Unexplored Territory

The new ways of learning humility never cease to amaze me. Most recently my lesson occurred on a backpacking trip  with my youngest adult child, ... Read More
Family & Friends

Empathy is a Choice: The Secret to Rediscovering Humanity

Two things happened to me yesterday. I attended a fashion show in aid of Breast Cancer Care where all the models had, at some stage, had breast can... Read More
define success
Family & Friends

How Does a Woman in her Prime Define Success?

When asked his opinion of the President for a recent article in the Washington Post Magazine, a third grade student replied, “I don’t think we nee... Read More
Family & Friends

Taking the Car Keys from Aging Parents: Starting the Conversation

Recently I planned a trip to visit some out of state family members. “I’ll see you at the airport!” one of them told me on the phone. That had a... Read More
personal effects
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Life After a Death: Sorting Through a Loved One’s Personal Effects

How do you go through your loved one's personal effcts after death? I recently had to clear out my late mother’s apartment and I've learned that so... Read More
Family & Friends

Pet Adoptions: How Much is that Doggy in the Window?

Do you remember the song? I know I do. There have been many times in my life when the thought of adopting a pet has come up. Often I decided nope, it... Read More
empty nest
Family & Friends

The Empty Nest: Life Without the Baby Birds

Is anybody ever prepared for parenthood? We certainly hear all the platitudes about “mothering is forever,” “your life will never be the same,... Read More
mental health disorder
Family & Friends

So Judge Me: Lessons From My Mother’s Mental Health Disorder

I leaned over and cheerfully kissed my terminally ill mother, then went off on a week long holiday. I never heard her voice again, as she had a ca... Read More
proper etiquette
Family & Friends

Is Proper Etiquette a Lost Art?

You have one chance to make a first impression. Most would agree your first impression is important, whether it’s a job interview, a business meet... Read More
Family & Friends

Confessions of a Caregiver for Aging Parents: What I Did for Love

Aging Parents I have watched two generations care for their aging parents, so I should have been more prepared. With our empty nest, grown,... Read More