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Leadership growth requires new skills like using social media effectively to advance your career. Find tips on how to become a thought leader in your chosen field.

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Leadership growth requires new skills like using social media effectively to advance your career. Find tips on how to become a thought leader in your chosen field.

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Leadership Growth

Strong, Smart Leaders Ask for Help

For many women in leadership positions, seeking help can be a bit of a Catch-22. Female leaders often feel extra pressure to project confidence at all... Read More
Leadership Growth

Get Inspired: 5 Ways to Beat Career Burnout

After spending a decade or more building a solid career, you’ve finally arrived at the pinnacle of your industry. Your friends admire you, your coll... Read More
Failures Feature
Leadership Growth

Failure is Not Fatal! It’s the Road To Success!

I’ve said many times: I’ve learned more from my failures than from my successes…and I’ve made some whoppers. Goof-ups, missteps, slip-ups and ... Read More
self doubt
Leadership Growth

10 Ways Women Become Powerful and Confident

A recent study conducted by VitalSmarts found that women who are assertive are seen as less competent than men, as much as 35 percent less competent. ... Read More
Women Helping Women Feature
Leadership Growth

Are You Supporting the Success of Other Women?

Throughout history, there have been many instances of women helping women. Yet, in modern times, there are just as many – if not more – instances ... Read More
millennials in the workforce
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The Secret to Successfully Leading Millennials

They’re accused of being overly ambitious, demanding, self-absorbed and high maintenance. Ask any 30 plus manager and they’ll tell you this and mo... Read More
inspirational leaders
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True Inspirational Leaders Pay It Forward

People can lead in many ways. Position and title describe the level of responsibility with authority, but job descriptions are less important compared... Read More
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YOU Don’t Look Like a Good Leader

It’s confirmed. You don’t look like a good leader. Yes, it seems you, me and the entire female gender has a leadership problem. People don’t thi... Read More
true leader
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A True Leader Approaches Learning Like Dirty Dishes

A true leader is humble enough to realize they don’t know it all and that it is imperative to continually seek out new knowledge. That’s why Linda... Read More
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Are Women in Their 60s Now Poised To Rule The World?

This post on women in their 60s is an encore publishing of a popular article by PRiME founder and contributor Valerie Freeman that first appeared on P... Read More
Leadership Growth

4 Books Every Leader Should Read for Career and Life Success

I use the term “leader” loosely here, because while each of these books offers valuable information for those leading a team, a company, or a char... Read More
Leadership Growth

Step 8 of 8 to Join a Board of Directors: Resources and Advice

Almost ten years after sitting on my first corporate board, I continue to be asked questions about my path. At my last board meeting dinner in July, ... Read More