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It’s no secret that the world is changing rapidly all around us, on every front. 

With all of these dramatic shifts, unprecedented demand has emerged: people are looking for coaching and guidance in huge numbers.

In fact, coaching is now a multibillion-dollar industry — and 70% of coaching clients are women! 

And as a woman over fifty, boasting life experience, wisdom, and compassion, you are uniquely positioned to empower women at the highest level

Why Are Women Seeking Coaching at Such a High Rate? 

Today’s women, across the age spectrum, don’t just want to achieve success in the traditional sense anymore…

They want to become themselves fully, discover their greater purpose on earth, unleash their gifts and creativity, enjoy deep intimacy, cultivate thriving relationships, deepen their spirituality, and make a profound difference in the world. 

They don’t just want to achieve goals — they want to do extraordinary things while becoming the fullest versions of themselves.

Women are facing a new set of challenges and opportunities, especially as we all move forward in the wake of a global pandemic accompanied by massive societal changes.

This is why it takes a very special type of person to help coach and empower today’s women. 

Feminine Power coaching session

Are You a Caring Woman Who Wants to Lift Up Others Around You?

If you’re already a change-maker of any variety — a coach, teacher, healer, workshop leader, or therapist, for example…

Or if you’re retired and looking for a way to continue giving back to others while earning a generous living on a flexible schedule…

Or if you feel stuck in a transitional life or career rut and would love to have more tools for your own empowerment and self-actualization…

Or if you just sense that there’s a next chapter in your life, a new way to serve others and help them become their best selves…

The Visionary’s Guide to Empowering Women ebook is for you! 

Feminine Power book

This FREE Ebook is by Dr. Claire Zammit, Founder of Feminine Power, who has impacted the lives of millions of women over the past two decades through her doctoral research on women’s empowerment.

Its groundbreaking guide for helping you expand your power to ignite the highest potential in female clients, colleagues, friends, and family members…

… while also helping YOU reach new levels of confidence, courage, and the ability to manifest your heart’s deepest desires at this juncture in life! 

Feminine Power book and coaching session

What You’ll Find in The Visionary’s Guide to Empowering Women

First and foremost, you’ll find reassurance that you are, in fact, an amazing force who possesses the innate wisdom and power to help others transform their lives.

You’ll also find the simple but highly effective strategies for empowering women and female clients, positioning you for massive success at the forefront of a multi-billion dollar coaching and workshop industry.

These are proven, time-tested strategies that Dr. Claire Zammit has developed after coaching over 40,000 women around the globe and witnessing firsthand the extraordinary transformations they’ve been able to actualize.

These are invaluable tools to help you empower yourself and other women to create extraordinary results at this new and exciting stage of evolution.

Download your FREE copy of the Visionary’s Guide to Empowering Women and discover…

  • The revolutionary shift from achievement to self-actualization that millions of women are making… and what you need to know as a coach or workshop leader to empower today’s women. 
  • The 3 hidden “Power Blocks” that are preventing women from achieving their desired results (which few coaches and mentors are trained to address) and exactly how to address and remove these invisible barriers
  • How to unlock the 3 Feminine Power Centers that provide women access to the innate power to manifest their greatest possibilities
  • The 8 new coaching and workshop niches that few change-makers are even aware of, which are currently in very high demand for this new group of awakening women
  • And much more! 

Why You’re the Perfect Fit For Transformational Coaching in This New Era

As a woman in her 50s, you have an incredible amount of wisdom and life experience that is truly invaluable to others, including potential clients, making you particularly well-suited to help facilitate meaningful change in women’s lives. 

You have perspective, resilience, open-mindedness, compassion, and devotion to others that can only come with living life — what truly incredible gifts to share! 

And what’s more: YOU are a woman evolving every day into the best version of herself. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the confidence and tools to foster your own goals and dreams while helping other women achieve theirs?

Feminine Power coaching service

The transformational coaching skills that Dr. Claire Zammit shares in The Visionary’s Guide to Empowering Women are for you if…

  • You’re a current, former, or aspiring coach, mentor, teacher, author, workshop leader, or any other type of change-maker and would love to feel more confident serving women during this global sea change.
  • You feel like you’re at a crossroads in your life and career, perhaps because of recent retirement or because of the massive changes happening across nearly all professional arenas.
  • You’d love a career with virtually no overhead, a flexible schedule (you can coach from anywhere virtually or in-person on the hours you set), and extremely high earning potential.
  • You aspire to better support and empower your colleagues, friends, and family members. 
  • You feel called to make a profound difference in the world but aren’t quite sure where to start.

There’s never been a better time to maximize your reach and impact…

Grab your FREE copy of The Visionary’s Guide to Empowering Women right here!

Feminine Power book

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