Play your part in lowering the gender pay gap – ask for a raise today!

You, yes you, can play in a role in lowering the gender pay gap while securing the income you deserve.

According to the Census Bureau, the wage gap between men and women is beginning to lessen. In 2015, it was noted that the national disparity between men and women has shrank significantly since 2007. Not only are women landing more raises, but men seem to be hitting a wall.

Learn from history while we share the evolution of the workplace and provide tips on how to keep this trend moving in a positive direction. These tips will make an impact whether you are asking for a raise or negotiating the salary for a new job.

More Women in the Workforce

Since the 1970s, more and more women have entered the workforce. Prior to this, it was common for men to be the family breadwinner, while women stayed at home and managed the household. In this era, more jobs focused on industrial and manufacturing roles, thought to be better suited for men. As the attitude about women in the workforce began to change and career advancement of mothers became more socially acceptable, women gradually played a greater role in the corporate environment.

Tip #1

Prepare – like your paycheck depended on it! Hone your negotiation skills so you can secure that pay raise you deserve. Know your worth, do your research, rehearse and play your part in shrinking the gap!

Reduction in Male-Preferred Industries

Another contributing factor to these numbers could be the fact that jobs within office settings, more often held by women, are on the rise while construction, agricultural and manufacturing roles, more targeted by men, have been on the decline. Careers in healthcare are seeing significant growth and these positions are more often held by women. Additionally, union power, often thought to contribute to better pay across blue-collar workforces, has also significantly declined, which has played a role in reducing the wages of men. Regardless of your occupation, the pendulum is swinging in your direction, so be ready to leverage conversations regarding pay by discussing the results of your work vs. simply recapping job duties.

Tip #2 

Determine the impact you made on the organizations where you have worked and prepare a few great success stories. Be ready to state why you are the better candidate for the role they are targeting.

Women Earning More Degrees

It has also been determined that women are outpacing men in college enrollment, suggesting they are pursuing more lucrative job opportunities. Women also tend to do better academically than their male counterparts, which can also contribute to a significant increase in their earnings.

Tip #3

We recommend that women continue to pursue ongoing education and professional development opportunities at all phases of their professional development. When negotiating, you can always ask if there are opportunities for additional training or if they will provide reimbursement for additional education and/or professional memberships.

Close the Gender Pay Gap – with Confidence

Confidence is essential to being a strong negotiator. You must exude self-assurance, even if you’re insecure or uncertain. Don’t apologize for negotiating – own it. If you need a little push, remember that when women negotiate, they pave the way for more women to negotiate after them.

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, you can achieve.” – Mary Kay Ash


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