5 Helpful Steps for Job Seekers Over 50

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Job seekers over 50 can start fresh with a new beginning, if they start with the end in mind. To find the best job fit, envision a perfect work life balance that puts a smile on your face. It is easier said than done, but the attempt to define the next work opportunity picture gives insight and a clear direction. A simple 5-step process helps job seekers over 50 successfully navigate the challenges of finding enjoyable employment.

1. Take Inventory

Taking inventory of emotions, thoughts, dreams, talents, skill set, and financial needs are the cornerstone in discovering the next opportunity. This process of uncovering hidden treasures and desires provides clarity to make the next jump successful. Compare it to studying a topic that helps teach someone who does not know the subject matter. The more familiar with this inventory, the better the outcome of your job search.

2. Make a Plan

Take the inventory list created to make a purposeful executable plan. Think of it a a puzzle you are assembling. Make a detailed list of what jobs and employers best match your inventory of capabilities and needs. Brainstorm with friends and other contacts that can help. Make use of social media tools to assist in making introductions. An advantage of job seekers over 50 is that their network is much broader due to the simple fact of experience and time.

3. Be Flexible

Adapting to the changing needs with technology and services in today’s market requires staying flexible. Updating your skill set and expanding your knowledge on new popular topics helps you stay current with the working population and opportunities. These positive attributes display an upbeat presentation and disposition as a team player when it comes to working with a variety of people in the workforce.

4. Stay Focused

One of the most challenging tasks of a job search is to stay focused. Persistence pays off in the short and long term when continually striving to find the next opportunity to engage your talents and skills. It is a mindset, and remembering that you will be challenged to keep the distractions at bay. Take it seriously.

5. Find Enjoyment

To keep yourself optimistic during your job search, find some enjoyment in your life. It can be a small pleasure or a big one. Spend time with friends, your pets and don’t forget the importance of exercise. Keeping yourself fit and your mood elevated through exercise will make a huge difference.

As Muhammad Ali once said, “The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.”  Job seekers over 50 have to believe they can and will find their next opportunity. The challenge is real and the will to win is within.

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