Holiday Cheer and a New Career with Job Search Networking Tips

Job Search Networking Tips

One of the best gifts to give yourself this year is a new start. As the holidays unfold, this is the perfect opportunity to network and focus on your job search. Contrary to what many may believe, this is the smartest time to look for a job. While your holiday cooking is filling the house with sweet scents, read the following job search networking tips:

  • The holidays are perfect for networking with friends and new acquaintances. If you are invited to a holiday party or social gathering, go prepared with conversational questions and topics centered on your job search. Discuss your skills and the role you desire, following up with, “Do you know anyone?” This not only shows you are active in your job search (at such a time as this), but also makes a good first impression. If holiday parties are not your cup of tea, consider adding family members to your network. Your family knows you well and will be able to connect you with potential opportunities.
  • What makes this time of year such a smart time to job search is low competition. During the holidays, many people have the mindset that the distraction of the season will cause them to be overlooked – but it is quite the opposite. Actually, hiring managers will view you as unique and serious about your job search. With competition at an ebb, you will steal the attention of recruiters and have a better chance of being hired.
  • When hired, your start date will most likely be after January 1st. This is also a great opportunity to celebrate your hiring, spend time with family and friends, and prepare yourself for what is to come. Your new job will be the beginning of a fresh start for the New Year.

This holiday, give yourself the gift of a well-deserved and rewarding career with these job search networking tips. While many put off the idea of job searching during this time, you will be one step ahead.

Celebrate with holiday cheer for your new career!


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