Which of These Does Not Belong?

Which of These Does Not Belong?

Which of These Does Not Belong?

Family. Friends. Career.

Choose Family, Friends, or Career?Which of these three words does not belong with the others ? Go ahead… answer. No one’s looking over your shoulder…which did you pick? Which word did you kick to the curb?
Most people pick the word Career. Managing your career through the holiday season often takes a back seat to the sweet commitments to family and friends, though it doesn’t have to. Family, friends, and career – all co-mingle at the holidays- one doesn’t need to suffer because of the others.


The Short and Nice List

Here’s my short list of nice ways to manage your career at Christmas. I’ll leave naughtiness for another time.

1. Get Thee to the Christmas Party

Do you choose your career first?I know, I know… too much to do so little time. Who doesn’t want to snuggle up on the couch and be a potato!

Christmas events and parties are a once a year festival and a great way to meet the people you’ve heard about but not yet met. Others at the party expect to meet and greet widely and so should you. If it’s a business or company Christmas party it’s an opportune time to connect and thank those who put on the party. Graciousness is always remembered. But you’ve got to show up at the party to be seen as that gracious and special one.

2. Mingle With Those Outside Your Set

Christmas parties and events are perfect places to talk to the very people you don’t see once a day or even once a month. Introduce yourself to 3 people, make a connection, and go home. You don’t have to close the place down.
Sure it’s easy to chum with the people from your division or department, but make an effort: to start, walk up and say hello. But not before you read number 3 below.

3. Get Your Gab Together

Think ahead. The words can be spontaneous but the ideas don’t have to be. What have you done that’s interesting in the last day, week, month, or year? What is new with you? The answer “nothin’ much” is forgettable and doesn’t ever lead to a stronger connection between two people. You have the opportunity to talk and connect to many people at Christmas time, so let’s be memorable…in a good way.

4. Seek Your Big 5

All of us have a few people that have been special to us at work over the long haul. They may be at the same company we are or they may not. They may be past customers or current. Sometimes we return to them over and over for advice and counsel. Sometimes we use them as silent partners returning to their words of wisdom or encouragement as needed. Christmas is the time to reach to them to say hello, to ask for nothing, to have them know you are thinking about them.

5. Review Your Highlights Reel

Christmas is a time for reflection…ok, reflect. What was your one thing that was spectacular? How can you describe and talk about that achievement. Think about how you can build upon it in the new year. Christmas is a great time to congratulate yourself on the things you are happiest with at work.

My very best to you and I hope you have the happiest of holidays.

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