The RIght Way to Dress for Every Age

The Right Way to Dress for Every Age

Does getting older mean no more wearing dresses above the knee or shopping the latest trends? Not so! The rules of age-appropriate dressing have changed, and while I’m not encouraging 60-somethings to wear neon minis, you can still look fun, modern and stylish well into your golden years. Steal some wardrobe tips from these fashionable celebrities in their 50s, 60s and beyond.



In your 50’s and upward follow the styles of Helen Mirren, Cate Blanchette, and Lauren Hutton. Soft, flattering colors, necklines, and a minimalist approach can make you the star not your clothing or a accessories.



In your 50s and going forward, you can afford to invest in quality over quantity. Update your tried-and-true basics for perfectly tailored pieces you’ll cherish. A beautifully tailored black blazer can take you anywhere from black tie to running errands. It’s all in the mix.


Know what works for you at this age and what doesn’t. Feel free to wear a few choice trends—or an ethnic piece that reflects your personality. Bette Midler mixed it with a pair of cropped pants.. The result? Fresh, not old-fashioned.


Ophra Winfrey proves you’re never too old for jewel tones, even in your 50s, thanks to the strategically shaped design of the dress. The older you get, the more confident you are embracing color. It’s wise to skip the flashy accessories and opt for a nude or metallic shoe.


Who says you can’t wear metallics in your 70s? It’s possible when you stick to classic subtle pieces that flatter your complexion and hair without being overpowering.




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