Best Refillable Skincare Lines for the Earth Conscious

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At this point in our lives, we know what works for our skin. The combination of high-quality ingredients and beautiful packaging is enticing, but that packaging comes with moral problems. If you love your products but hate the environmental impact that luxury packaging makes, then it’s time to check out refillable skincare options.

This trend is picking up steam this year as companies find ways to deliver their products in eco-friendly refill packs, normally with a slight discount over the original version. Saving money and the planet sounds pretty enticing. And it’s not just companies that focus on environmentally friendly products anymore–companies like Yves Saint Laurent and Tata Harper are getting in on the action.

Best Refillable Skincare Brands

Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis is one of the early adopters of the refill model. Founded by Danish makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, the line focuses on organic cosmetics and skincare, all in refillable compacts or glass bottles that are compostable or recyclable when they’ve reached the end of their life cycle.

The Kjaer Weis three-step skincare routine includes a facial cleanser, a toner, and then ends with a luxe facial oil. All of the skincare products are certified organic and come packaged in glass bottles or jars. Purchase the ‘Icon edition’ once, and refills are available at a discounted rate.

The skincare line leans heavily on botanical oils like sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, and rosehip oil, while the toner leverages soothing chamomile flowers for gentle toning. The Facial oil icon edition is $150 for 30 ml, but refills drop down to $135.

Public Goods

Not every refillable skincare brand focuses on luxury. Public Goods takes the opposite tactic and offers a spare, clean aesthetic focusing on pure ingredients. In addition to refillable products, Public Goods focuses on saving money as well.

The company works on a membership model. For $59 per year, members have access to a full line of personal, household, grocery, pet, and CBD products, all at significantly reduced prices when compared to in-store retail.

While not all skincare products may be a fit for you (we see you palm oil), their body care line is based on essential oils and is formulated without parabens or sulfites. For $4.50 for the original 12 oz. bottle of body wash infused with orange, geranium, celery seed, and rosewood, and $11 for a 34 oz. refill bag, Public Goods is a great budget option if you like several of their products.

L’Occitane en Provence

Leave it to the French to make being environmentally conscious feel so chic. The brand known for infusing its luxe skin and body products with herbs from France offers several different products in refillable forms, from hand and body lotions to cleansers.

The Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam offers anti-aging properties attributed to their organic immortelle flower water, which is gentle and safe for all skin types. Combined with a foaming bottle, this light cleanser leaves the face clean but not stripped.  Buy the starter set that includes the original bottle and a refill bag for $74.

Other refillable products from L’Occitane include Almond shower oil, Citrus Verbena bath gel, Lavender foaming bath, and a wide variety of hand lotions.

Yves Saint Laurent

When the iconic fashion house launched skincare, fans around the world knew to expect the best. Now, their Pure Shots and Or Rouge lines offer refills for their high-impact serums and creams.

The Pure Shots line has several different offerings, with sets focused on glow, anti-aging, overnight renewal, or sculpting. The Pure Shots Lines Away Anti-aging Serum boosts skin with hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidant rich iris extract to plump skin and minimize fine lines. Buy the original 1 oz. bottle for $88 and slip in the refill for $70.

For an even more potent punch, level up to the Or Rouge Anti-Aging Crème Riche. Formulated for dryer skin, this thick cream uses the saffron flower to reverse the signs of aging. Treat your skin to the original packaging for $390 and refill for $330.

Plaine Products

Everything you need to know about Plaine Products is right in their slogan–Refill, Reuse, Rejoice. The company focuses on sustainable products for hair, body, and face, all packaged in metal bottles. When your bottle is low, order a replacement. Transfer your reusable pump into the new, filled bottle, rinse your bottle and send it back to the company. They will then refill it for the next customer. Skip the landfill while still pampering your skin.

The packaging isn’t the only way that Plaine Products is paying homage to Mother Earth. The company is carbon neutral and avoids problematic ingredients like palm oil, GMOs, and animal bi-products.

Try the facial moisturizer for a dose of aloe vera, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter.  One 2.5 oz bottle is $22; however, the price drops based on frequency if you subscribe for recurring refills.

We all love the look of luxurious packaging. These refillable skincare lines allow us to enjoy that experience without sacrificing the environment. Enjoy!

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