Best Lip Stains for Women Over 50

Lipsticks are great, but they can wear off quickly during the day. A great lip stain can last longer and look fresher as the day progresses. Here are our top choices for women over 50.
Best lip stains for women over 50; woman applying lip gloss; Makeup for older women

We’ve all heard about lipsticks and the various shades, styles, and mattes that they come in. But we also know that they typically don’t last all day and easily come off when we’re eating. Lip stains, on the other hand, are used the color the lips and typically come in the form of a liquid or a gel. Because of that, they actually stain the color on the lips, making it last longer than a regular lipstick. As with everything, it seems, our lips tend to change as we get older, so our makeup needs to change too. That’s why we compile a list of lip stains that will work well for mature women and our ever-evolving lips. 

What we love about lip stain is it comes in a variety of application methods to suit the unique preferences that we all have. If you prefer more of a lip-gloss-style application, we’ve got several of those. Do you like more of a balm texture? We’ve got some of those too. You’ll find that most of the options on the list also come in a wide range of shades and colors to match any skin tone, making them fun and versatile. And while you may have a go-to color that you’ve always used, with the new year upon us, perhaps it’s time to get outside of your comfort zone and get creative. It may not work out, but it also might be a great look to start the new year. 

Sensational Stains for Mature Women

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You might have noticed that some of the lip stains listed can actually do double duty for your lips and cheeks. I love a makeup item that will work for multiple purposes – it helps to save both money and shelf space, both of which seem to be in short supply some days. 

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