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How to Choose and Apply the Best Bronzer for Your Skin Tone

Finally, the warm weather is here with longer brighter days and warm rays of sunshine! But as we all know by now, as warm as the sun is, it is also damaging and dangerous for us to get too much sun. And there are easy to apply alternatives to give you the golden glow of summer on your skin. My favorite summer skin product after sun block is bronzer. Now is the perfect time to choose the very best bronzer. It is not the easiest make up product to work with and to choose the perfect match for you is not easy, as some bronzers can be too glittery or too orange or dark. So here are some helpful tips on the best bronzer for your skin tone and bronzing in general.

Powder or Liquid? Either choice is fine as long as it is sheer. For bronzers, think of a sunlit or sun kissed finish so the texture is most important. If your bronzer is sheer it will be easier to apply in layers, especially if you have a heavy hand.

How to pick a color? If you are very light, a typical bronzer might be too dark. A good alternate choice would be a face powder that is 2-3 shades darker than your skin. This will  make you look tanner without being too noticeable. best bronzer - bronzer examplesYou want to avoid having any abrupt borders or lines of demarcation from your face to your neck.

Throughout all my years doing makeup, I have seen more skin types with cooler undertones than warm. So if you fall into that range of skin color, the best bronzer for you will have a cooler/pinker tone rather than more terra cotta or orange. If you are not sure of how to recognize this, hold two colors next to each other and compare.

For example, the swatch on the left compared to the one on the right has more yellow/orange in it and the other looks cooler.

The bronzers selected here all have cooler undertones or a mix of warm and cool.

To shimmer or not? I prefer to use a separate highlighter for glow such as a liquid or powder highlighter as you want the highlight in specific areas such as the brow bone or cheek bone rather than the entire face. Sometimes it can be too much glow for the entire face. However, if the bronzer has a shimmer in it, it should be minimal and not too glittery.

How to apply? Use a brush that is not too stiff or chiseled. A fluffier brush with a larger brush head or a fan brush will dispense the color lighter and softer.

Remember to wash your brushes daily with an antiseptic soap.

If you are using a liquid bronzer, use clean fingers to dot the bronzer on your cheeks, forehead and chin and then blend up from your cheeks to the top of your ear, across your forehead, down your nose and across your chin. I like to use my ring finger, as it has the least amount of pressure and you want to be gentle when applying color to your face.

Where to apply? Pick up the bronzer or powder with your brush, swirl the color until it is all in the brush, then apply it on your cheeks, forehead, down your nose and across your skin.

If your neck is very light, you can bronze a little of the neck  and even the chest area.

I would recommend using a highlighter first and then your bronzer over this.

And for a finishing touch, if you want a rosey/peach glow on your cheeks, apply the highlighter just on the apples of your cheeks after the bronzer and gently caress and flare outward over more of the cheek.

Enjoy the video on how to get that perfect beach bronze!

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