10 Korean Moisturizers To Protect Your Skin This Season

10 Korean Moisturizers To Protect Your Skin This Season

K-Beauty has a reputation for creating quality skincare that helps women achieve an even-toned, hydrated, and glowing complexion, without any harsh or unnatural ingredients. And this year, Korean moisturizers have taken the world by storm!

As summer comes to an end, it’s essential to give your skincare regime a little boost with a quality moisturizer. The right cream can restore hydration and soothe flaky skin, and protect against further damage from cold temperatures.

Our list of hydrating Korean moisturizers will do just that! By utilizing all-natural and herbal ingredients, these K-Beauty products promise not only to hydrate but also to pump healthy nutrients into your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Because you deserve to have radiant and glowing skin no matter the season!

Without further adieu, here are our ten favorite Korean moisturizers that’ll protect your skin just in time for autumn.

1. COSRX Advance Snail 92 All in One Cream, $24

COSRX Advance Snail 92 All in One Cream, $24

A cult favorite in the skincare community, COSRX’s Advance Snail 92 All in One Cream is a lightweight moisturizer that boasts a satiny texture suitable for most skin types. It’s specially formulated with 92% snail mucin, a cruelty-free extract derived from snails to brighten dull skin and foster healthy skin repair to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. You’ll also find hyaluronic acid on the ingredient list, for ultimate rehydration of depleted skin.

2. Laneige Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer, $33

Laneige Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer, $33

This two-in-one skincare miracle preps your skin like a toner, while simultaneously delivering the moisturizing benefits of a standard cream. Enriched with white leaf tea water, the lightweight formula of Laneige’s Cream Skin packs in powerful amino acids that strengthen and protect the skin barrier to prevent loss of moisture, while reviving tired and dull complexions.

3. belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb, $38

belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb, $38

A product that proudly wears Sephora’s “clean” badge, you won’t find a long list of questionable ingredients, parabens, sulfates, or other unwanted items in this hydrating jar. Designed as a lightweight gel to be used morning and night, belif’s True Cream Aqua Bomb provides all skin types with a burst of hydration. It takes care of common concerns for mature skin such as dryness, dullness, and uneven texture while creating a healthy glow and refreshing your skin in the process.

4. Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Moisturizing Cream, $100

Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Moisturizing Cream, $100

If you suffer from tight patches and flakes, this moisturizing cream immediately brings life and elasticity back to your skin. Goji berries, black beans, and arrowroot are formulated together to create a firming complex that not only smoothes your skin’s texture but also delivers deep hydration with the power of antioxidants and natural ingredients.

5. Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin™ Cream, $48

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin™ Cream, $48

Best suited for normal, dry, or combination skin, Dr. Jart +’s Ceramidin™ Cream is packed with a stellar line-up of moisturizing elements. Ceramides, beetroot, and hyaluronic acid work together to bolster your skin’s protective barrier and prevent the loss of moisture throughout the day. This is a fabulous option for those suffering from extremely dry, itchy, or irritated skin.

6. Innisfree Green Tea Seed Intensive Hydrating Cream, $24

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Intensive Hydrating Cream, $24

Free of sulfates, parabens, and yucky stuff in general, this cream-based Korean moisturizer for fall utilizes the power of Jeju green tea and green tea seed oil to quench your skin. These two powerful herbal remedies also help prevent moisture loss, which is so important in dry and cold weather. It’s a daily staple that also helps take care of pesky undereye circles and eases the discomfort of dryness. It’s one of the best Korean moisturizers for fall.

7. Peach & Lily Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream, $40

Peach & Lily Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream, $40

Experience the velvety goodness of matcha and niacinamide, a powerful, antioxidant-packed combination that eliminates fine lines and signs of aging. This pudding-like cream drenches all layers of your skin to firm and brighten, without any greasy residue left behind. Best for any sufferers of dehydration, we recommend adding this to your AM and PM daily routines.

8. Primera Alpine Berry Water Cream, $40

Primera Alpine Berry Water Cream, $40

Made explicitly for dry skin, this delicate cream soaks into your skin quickly to tackle dull and uneven skin tone while providing lasting hydration and nourishment. Coconut-derived oil ensures that your tired and dry complexion is almost instantly moisturized without weighing down your skin. For best results, massage into your face and neck twice daily following any serums or eye creams.

9. Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream, $25

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream, $25

This vegan-friendly soothing cream by Klairs ticks all of the boxes we look for in a quality year-round moisturizer. We love that it supports water retention and deep moisturization by harnessing the hydrating properties of Shea butter and ceramides. It also boasts wrinkling fighting ingredients that will smooth your skin texture for a youthful and glowing appearance for dry and sensitive complexions.

10. Youth to the People Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream, $48

Youth to the People Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream, $48

Targeting fine lines and wrinkles, Youth to the People’s moisturizer relies on antioxidants in kale and green tea to nourish most skin types. But that’s not all! Formulated with the insanely moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid, this lightweight cream also helps restore firmness and elasticity. By penetrating the skin’s deepest levels to hydrate and promote health, this air-whip cream effectively eliminates dryness.

Now that we’ve shared some of our favorite Korean moisturizers for fall, let’s check out some of the best skincare products for mature skin.


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