Transitioning From Longer to Shorter Hair Like Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda I'm Sorry

A common thing I’m asked…

How did Jane Fonda make the transition from longer hair to shorter hair and why does this make her look younger?

The next question is always…

What do I say to my stylist to get the same look at home?

Jane Fonda Long HairJane Fonda Short Hair

The first change that made Jane look more youthful

The bang

A few rules for bangs:

  • Keep them wispy and keep them long. This will add a sexiness that is young and fresh.
  • Shorter hair has plenty of movement. This movement adds a messy texture that exudes sexuality. The wave and the density in the longer hair look speaks matron. There is a fine line for hair to be sheik or matronly. And movement is that answer.

How to achieve this bang cut 

If your hair is thick like Jane’s and mostly waves not defined curls then this look would be done with a razor cut. A razor allows for a balanced unevenness to the layers that help them wing out with in a piece way.


The last and most important thing of Jane’s finished look

Darkening the root area, the right way.

This allows a lighter face frame to stand out instead of looking wash outed like in the longer hair image. I do this daily with Balayage or a technique known as hair painting. Once the darker base is processed I free hand-paint lighter sections for contrast.

You too can do it at home. Here is a tutorial you can reference from You Tube vlogger ElleBangs.


Girls, lighter isn’t you if you look faded.

With careful balance of light and dark Jane’s new look made her shine. Just like Jane, a change can wash away the years.


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