Summer Hair Color

As Carrie Mulligan takes lead in her new movie ‘Far from the Madding Crowd‘, viewers will be introduced to a new hair color.

Yes, gone is the short blond crop that was reminiscent to the Mia Farrow cut and color in Rosemary’s baby. It was also the focus as she played Daisy in The Great Gatsby.

And what is causing a bigger stir is the change to a darker hue of hair…This is Leading so many to ask is brown a new trend?

The answer to this is an overwhelming, YES.

Chocolate brown is a trend that you will see in big in films, on the runway, and in the street for summer fashion. The secret to this color is brown should never be flat. It should have rich undertones of sable as well as flecks of strawberry and gold.


The key to looking real

As a brunette always lay in the ends of your hair. They should never be darker than the root and should always have a sun kissed glow. The drama in Carrie’s style is brought even further with the bold middle part that makes her look current, dramatic and breathtakingly different.

I know its summer girls but let’s do the opposite of the norm. Overly blonde can look dry and feel lifeless. Step into the trend by asking your colorist how could a shade of brunette work for you? And how will you alter your style to suit your new hair color?

Welcome summer! You’re arriving not a moment too soon.