Keeping it Simple: The Secret to Real Beauty

As I celebrated the opening of my newest Salon, Hair by Paul Labrecque, at the prestigious Rittenhouse Hotel in Philadelphia, I worked hard on the esthetic of the space and how I wanted it to begin this next chapter of my career. I realized in working with the designers on my space that my philosophy was much the same as the hair that I design daily and what I have always tried to do for women. 
Ageless beauty, both in esthetic and appearance, has a golden rule: keep it simple. 
By doing this, you bring the inner Beauty of a person (or a room) out. In discovering this delicate rule, you and I, well, we are ageless.

When I started my career eons ago, I was a platform artist. That means I traveled the globe doing crazy hair on stage. While this worked well for the young and fearless, often my styles fell flat the day by the next day. I saw the evidence when I ran into one of my hair models while I made my fast exit from the hotel, off to my next venue.

Blond Woman
I learned quickly, when opening my first salon that, to be a true success, one must give their client a look that they can recreate daily. 
What good could it possibly be if I was the only person who could create the hairdo? And, thus, I began my quest to bring inner beauty out.

The first question I ask every client is: “How much time will you give your hair?” 
Now, this is a vital question and it deserves a very truthful and real answer. 
I’ve heard answers from every end of the spectrum. Some will spend as long as it takes to get the look and others will spend no time at all.
Spending less time on your hair means accepting your hair’s natural texture.

I will give her a cut that works with her wave or curl and uses natural body to move the hair and accentuate the face. 
After doing this over and over again, I had an “ah-hah” moment. Voila! I began to live this philosophy of simplicity in every aspect of my life. 
It took this latest Salon to tell me that if you adopt this golden rule, your whole world ages with grace. 
Yes, it applies to your hair, clothing, and the space you inhabit. Eliminate the fuss and you will become ageless.

Hairdresser Cutting Hair
One day, I was looking out those gorgeous windows of my salon that overlook RittenHouse Square. I knew we need to bring that simple beauty outside in just as we need to bring our beauty out.

Do not laden your hair with product that inhibits your natural bounce.

Don’t use shampoos that are detergent-based that are so astringent to your scalp that they dry every natural oil that your body produces.

Get a cut that works for your texture and you will simplify your life, look sophisticated and groomed, and feel sexy at every age.

If your hair needs a boost to get you there, start with 3 things today from Repair by me, Paul Labrecque: Repair Shampoo sulfate-free,
Repair Condition egg and milk enriched, and Repair Style, a leave in Aloe Vera treatment that re-energizes you hair. These 3 steps will begin bringing your inner beauty to the surface.

Let’s take this next phase of our lives together. 

Embrace the beauty!


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