We’ll all reach it—that number. We remember our parents turning the big 5-0. Somehow, we were all raised to believe that things would be easier by now and along came a bad economy and record-breaking unemployment. Here’s what I’ve noticed: the job search at 50+ is a little more challenging than it was at 35.

Many of us have had to tighten our belts and pick frugality to get us through. For some, choices have been difficult. Here’s the question my clients ask me, “Should I accept my gray???” Unequivocally, I say no, no, no!

Fact: At 50 and above we are probably looking for careers at the top of our pay scale.

Fact: Retirement ages are moving on up; and people are staying gainfully employed right through their sixties.

Fact: We are living in a youth obsessed world.

Fact: A man with gray is considered knowledgeable; while woman with gray are perceived as older.

So, ladies on the job hunt, DO NOT forgo your next hair color. For now is the hour to polish your look so that you can present yourself at your very best.

Here are my tips to extend hair color and save you money:

Hairstyle1. Choose a lighter shade that has less contrast from the gray.

I’m not saying every girl should go blonde, but if you were once a dark brunette, try a light brunette. Less of a contrast means a longer span between color appointments.

2. If coloring for the first time, try Lo Lights.

This method will allow some gray to remain while reducing the vast majority of your gray hairs. This technique also allows you to inter-mingle shades of color.

Paul Labrecque Color Shampoo Preserving Hair Wash 3. Try a color extending shampoo and conditioner.

I make my own Paul Labrecque Color Shampoo and Color Conditioner, containing UVA and UVB protection to stop Color Oxidation. You can also purchase my 4 piece color hair care collection set.

 4. Use a scalp powder when roots first begin to show.

This will extend hair color life for at least 2 weeks. At my shops and on my website I sell Viviscal. It comes in many shades and will never ruin the gorgeous tone you colorist gives you.

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