Aging: How Time Impacts your Health and Wellness

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Aging is a fact of life, but we all age differently. Genetics, lifestyle, and other factors all come into play and impact how each individual ages. These differences begin to show as we age; someone with a healthy diet that has avoided the sun often looks younger than a woman of the same age who has overindulged in unhealthy habits. Aging is also a leading risk factor for many conditions and illnesses that impact your ability to work, play and enjoy life.

While the outward appearances will vary, understanding how aging works and how it impacts your health can help you take proactive steps at any age to help you look and feel your best. Aging begins at the cellular level and many changes occur over time, eventually impacting your health and wellbeing.

“Aging is not one thing that’s going wrong, it’s many things that go wrong at the same time, in a way that they reinforce each other in their decline,” says Leonard Guarente, director of the Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging Research at MIT and one of the founders of Elysium Health.

Changes that begin at the cellular level show up in a variety of ways like loss of energy and poor sleep. Cellular health plays a huge role in your overall well-being; taking steps to improve and support your cellular wellbeing can help you combat the effects of aging. Understanding what is happening inside your body and what nutrients your cells need is an ideal first step towards improving your cellular health which impacts your overall health.

What is NAD+?

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, or NAD+ exists in all living cells; it is a coenzyme that helps cells function as they should. Your body uses naturally occurring NAD+ to support your cells and your DNA, modulate your circadian rhythm and enhance mitochondrial/ATP functionality.

Take a NAD+ SupplementTake a NAD+ Supplement like Elysium Basis

While NAD+ is naturally occurring in the human body, the amount created declines over time. While this potent coenzyme was discovered almost a century ago, we are still learning how it impacts aging; right now, we know that NAD+ declines over time and research have shown that boosting NAD+ levels can boost mitochondrial health, create energy, maintain healthy DNA, and regulate sleep/wake cycles. You can learn more about the science behind this powerful helper molecule and how it works to keep cells functioning well here.

What is Nicotinamide Riboside?

Nicotinamide Riboside is a potent form of vitamin B3, but it plays a key role in producing NAD+. Using what scientists have dubbed the “Nicotinamide Riboside Kinase Pathway”, this potent vitamin is converted into accessible NAD+ when consumed. You can boost your NAD+ levels and combat the typical problems associated with lowered NAD+ levels when you consume Nicotinamide Riboside as a supplement. Because of this, Elysium Health has chosen Nicotinamide Riboside as a primary ingredient in their popular Basis supplement. You can learn more about the powerful effects of NAD+ supplementation and Nicotinamide Riboside here.

Meet Pterostilbene, a polyphenol that is changing the way we think about aging.

This potent polyphenol is disrupting the health and aging research community. It is widely considered a successor to resveratrol, a popular supplement ingredient. However,  Pterostilbene is more bioavailable in humans than resveratrol. Pterostilbene’s bioavailability is the main reason why it was chosen as a primary ingredient in Basis. It also plays a key role in activating sirtuins, proteins that regulate your cellular health. While we are still learning exactly why polyphenols affect the body in such a positive way, we know that they offer profound anti-aging and health benefits.

Sirtuins – The Natural Longevity Genes

Sirtuins are proteins that naturally occur in the human body and moderate cellular health. They only function effectively when NAD+ is present. The ability of your sirtuins to function effectively and help regulate your cellular health is impacted by your NAD+ levels, which are proven to decline as you age.

Think of sirtuins like a CEO focused on running their company effectively. In order to do so, sirtuins require NAD+. In this context, NAD+ is the money that pays the salary of the CEO and employees to keep the company running. The company and the body simply can’t function without NAD+. Sirtuins manage everything that happens in your cells in order to keep the body as productive as possible.

Sirtuins are not singular proteins; they are a group of seven proteins that work together and improve cell health in a variety of ways. When you increase your available NAD+ levels with supplementation, you help these proteins do a more effective job for your cells. The Nicotinamide Riboside found in Basis is the most effective precursor to NAD+. It is designed to support sirtuins and ensure they can perform their role in aging by regulating cellular health.

If you Care About Aging, NAD+ Needs to be part of your Routine

Here are the key things you need to know about NAD+ and your health:

  • NAD+ targets and improves your health at the cellular level; NAD+ is the gas in the car and Basis is turning the key in the ignition.
  • The natural amounts of NAD+ your body creates declines over time. Your cells rely on NAD+ to function effectively and the processes they support may break down as your NAD+ levels decline.
  • NAD+ supports a healthy metabolism, your circadian rhythm, and supports healthy DNA. Think better Zzzs, a better workout and more energy to do what you love most.
  • You can increase your NAD+ levels with supplementation; Elysium Health’s Basis is clinically-proven to increase and sustain levels of NAD+ by an average of 40%.
  • NAD+ was lauded in Time Magazine’s “Longevity” issue as a powerful anti-aging compound.
  • Elysium Health was awarded the first-ever Good Housekeeping Innovation Emblem, celebrating the rigorous science Elysium Health conducts.
  • Elysium Health’s Basis has been featured in Futurism, Boston Globe, Forbes, Fast Company and Wired magazine.
  • NAD+ remains one of the most in-demand components of anti-aging supplements today.

Put the Power of NAD+ to Work for You

If you’ve aged, your body is no longer producing the NAD+ levels it once did. Supplementing with an NAD+ booster like Elysium Health’s Basis can help you increase your NAD+ levels and support your cellular health. Boosting your NAD+ levels can have a profound impact on the way you age and is known to help support DNA health, boost energy, and improve the quality of your sleep.

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