The Best Plan for Weight Control After 50 Just Got Better!

Prime Women’s PLATE , the first weight management program designed exclusively for women over 50, just got better! We’ve taken the guesswork out of what to eat every day with our new Meal Planner. In addition to meal selections, you’ll also find great recipes with more being added daily. PLUS, for a limited time only, if you choose the 90 day option, we will give you a Lifetime Membership!

Sound interesting? Keep reading to learn all about PLATE. 

PLATE was developed in collaboration with Dr. Kathryn Waldrep, practicing OB-Gyn, with 35 years of experience in treating and counseling women from childbearing age to end of life. She has witnessed firsthand the havoc hormones play on a woman’s weight and her ability to lose weight. After menopause, a woman’s metabolism is likely to go down 10 to 20% each decade. No wonder losing weight after 50 is so difficult! And diets that work well for younger women and men do not work for the postmenopausal woman.

“I am so thrilled with my new diet. I have now lost 4lbs. I have conquered my steps, portion control, and eight-hour eating window. I am interested in lifestyle change and not a quick fix.” – Deborah K.


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PLATE is an acronym that stands for:

PORTIONS: Weight management begins by getting your portions correct with nutritionally balanced meal plans designed specifically for women near or over 50.

LIFESTYLE: For an eating program to work, it must fit within your lifestyle. PLATE allows for eating out, traveling, family gatherings and indulging in wine and other adult beverages.

ACCOUNTABILITY: The program assigns you to a private forum group of women who are of similar age with similar weight loss goals to provide support in your journey.

TIMING: When you eat your meals is integral to the program. PLATE follows the latest and most conclusive research on when meals should be eaten.

EXERCISE: Participants are encouraged to do some sort of exercise such as walking every day and two days a week of strength training.

Women over 50 have different dietary needs when it comes to weight control. Since this eating program was designed exclusively for women near or over 50, the guidelines include specific needs for our age group that are not part of many other eating programs, such as; additional protein and calcium, reduced calories due to hormone changes and aging, and dairy alternatives as many women become lactose intolerant as they age. This is not a program that requires you to track calories. If you keep your portion sizes as recommended, you will stay within the correct calorie range that will help you lose weight slowly, yet maintain muscle mass. We provide specific guidelines around what we recommend you eat for optimum health and the proper portion sizes. And now with our new meal planner and recipes, you’ll have a plan you can follow all week!

“I just want to say that I am LOVING the simplicity of this plan. I love that I am not constantly thinking about what I am going to eat next and that I am not spending hours and hours in the kitchen. AND it seems to be working, slowly but surely, and I know this
is the best way to make this a do-able and sustainable way of eating.”  – Teresa M.

There are a lot of ways to lose weight. Some diets show quick results, reducing calories by severely limiting a food group like carbohydrates. However,the weight is likely to come roaring back when you tire of not being able to eat some of your favorite foods. We believe the wiser plan is to go back to eating the way our parents and their parents ate — in moderation. Plate sizes were smaller then and so were the portions. Weight management was a bi-product of their lifestyles. They ate what they wanted, just not a lot!

Going it alone when trying to make permanent lifestyle changes can be tough. That’s why we at Prime Women wanted to make sure you succeed by placing you in a group forum with other women who share similar age and weight loss goals.

Accountability has shown to be the single biggest factor in weight loss success as Weight Watchers has proven. However, their program is aimed at the general population and not just women over 50, nor do they provide the support and encouragement that a small group of women who share the same issues around hormones and weight can.

“I have been following the plate system for almost 3 weeks and have lost 3 1/2 pounds that might not seem a lot to some but for me it is huge. I do the intermitting fasting which seems to work for me and I do feel better. I don’t usually participate in group discussions, but this group seems a little different, less pretentious perhaps. Thank you all for your ideas and successes and failures.” – Grace H.

PLATE was designed just for you. Come join us and get to know other prime women who have the same goal as you do: living healthier longer. Click the link below to learn more about the program and how to register to become a member.

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Together, we can finally get control of our weight!


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