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Best CBD products gift guide

The holidays can be an extra stressful time of year. Shopping, cooking, and entertaining, all while trying to keep up with your regular everyday tasks. It’s exhausting and can be pretty overwhelming. The reality is, while the holidays are an exaggerated time of stress for us, every day outside of the holiday season can present its own pressures and energy-draining moments. We’ve compiled a list of the ten best CBD products – from pillow sprays to gummies – to help you decide which is best for you! This year, consider giving the gift of CBD to help you, your family member, or a friend relax and rejuvenate on a daily basis. 

10 Best CBD Products

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Alchemist Kitchen CBD Lemongrass Soothe Balm, $65

Alchemist Kitchen CBD Lemongrass Soothe BalmThis artisanal organic CBD topical balm is crafted in small batches with a mix of plant-based herbs and essential oils intended to relieve muscular aches, joint pain, cramps, and inflammation. Extremely popular for its effectiveness and lovely lemongrass scent.

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NanoCraft Night Time CBD Oil for Sleep, $59.99

Nanocraft Night Time CBD Oil for SleepNanocraft Night Formula utilizes a suite of known sleep support agents in tandem with our highly bioavailable Broad-Spectrum CBD and CBN to assist you with flawless, continued rest. Assist with recovery, relaxation, and a powerful recharge. With a taste of relaxing lavender, a blend of passionflower, a touch of melatonin, and a dream of CBN, this calming blend is the perfect way to prepare your mind and body for deep, restorative sleep.

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Vida Optima Vitality 50mg CBD Candies, $29.95

Vida Optima Vitality CBD Candies

These Vitality citrus candies deliver a combination of CBD, Vitamin C & Vitamin D3 all in one dose to keep your body and mind optimized throughout your daily routine. Each pouch contains ten mouth-watering candies with flavors that include lemon, tangerine, and key lime, along with 50mg of premium full spectrum CBD! Have them on your counter, or take these on the go; these candies from our Vitality Collection are here to help you live your best life! Positive Impacts:

  • Supports optimal overall health
  • Promotes endocannabinoid system balance
  • Can help reduce stress levels
  • Vitamin Enriched 

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Original Hemp Immune Support Gummies, $44.99Original Hemp Immune Support Gummies

Give your system the natural boost it needs with Original Hemp Immune Support Gummies. Combining the therapeutic benefits of Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract and packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Green Tea Extract, these gummies have been designed to provide a powerful way to support your immune health.

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Lure Relief Stick, $75Lure CBD Relief Stick

This item is a 500mg hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD stick that’s enhanced with Arnica. Lure Relief Stick doubles up on the ancient plant compounds, contains full-spectrum CBD oil, and is infused with Arnica, which has long been used to reduce pain and inflammation in muscles and joints. Lure Relief Stick soothes and warms your muscles as it glides on, releasing tension with a subtle mint aroma. 

With its sleek tube applicator, this powerful relief stick is designed to be used at home or on the go. It is a non-greasy formulation that leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized while providing calming relief. This powerful multitasker is also great for relieving menstrual cramps, loosening neck, shoulder, and back tension during hours of online meetings, rubbing on feet, neck, and shoulders before bed, and soothing cracked heels and aching feet. Use this product with our Intimacy Oil for a more relaxing full-body massage. (2.6oz/75g)

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Danke Super Cordyceps CBD Clarity Gummy, $32

Danke Super Cordyseps CBD Clarity GummyA phytochemical that needs no introduction. Caffeine is considered the most widely used legal psychoactive substance in the world. Primary sources of caffeine in our diet include coffee, tea leaves, cocoa beans, cola, and energy drinks. For reference, our caffeine content is the equivalent of half an espresso shot. For heavy consumers, 2-3 gummies might be perfectly tolerable but likely unnecessary due to the synergistic effects of caffeine and Cordyceps. Developed in partnership with PSC Group’s Mika Sharon at Rutgers Food Innovation Center, our cherry, Cordyceps, CBD, and microencapsulated caffeine gummies offer divine taste and effect.  Improves endurance, increases focus, creates a mindful, clear state of mind without the typical caffeine jitters. More balanced and enduring than a cup of coffee and won’t spill on your lap during the morning commute.

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Pelicann Cannamix Red Velvet Cupcake, $8.99

Pelicann Cannamix™ Red Velvet Cupcake Are you salivating just looking at your screen? We don’t blame you! This red velvet cake is the perfect indulgence. Not only is it exactly the right size and beyond quick and easy to make — it features loads of real chocolate and 50 mg of CBD. What a mouth-watering way to show yourself some TLC! This is a seriously sumptuous treat, and you deserve a little goody for being so awesome!

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Binoid Calm Day CBD Oil, $49.99

Binoid Calm Day CBD OilMake your days better with our Calm Day CBD Oil Drops. We created an immune boost formula paired with 1000mg of broad-spectrum CBD to help make your day easier and more relaxing. Ingredients such as Gingko Biloba, Hibiscus, Ginseng, and Maca Root provide a powerful plant-based boost to make your stressful day calm. Bring out your calm spirit while supporting your body with our Calm Day CBD oil. This product is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, kosher, and THC-free. IMMUNE BOOST BLEND contains healthy and natural plant-based ingredients that may give you energy and may ease your mind. 100% ORGANIC LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL: May ease anxiety and morning sickness. 100% ORGANIC PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL: May help with pain and nausea. BROAD SPECTRUM FORMULA: Contains all of the beneficial cannabinoids, including CBN and terpenes of hemp, except ZERO THC. 1000MG CBD POTENCY: A potent dose of CBD for your daily needs. CULTIVATED IN THE USA: Utilizes the finest and select high-quality Hemp plants in Oregon.

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Epic Nutra 2500mg Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture, $54.99

Epic Nutra CBD Tincture Epic Nutra’s Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture is all you need to enrich your body with all-natural CBD. Our 2500mg high-potency Broad Spectrum CBD  tincture will give you the maximum effect of CBD, enriched with all the amazing cannabinoids to increase the overall effect of CBD within your body and to give you the perfect entourage effect. We cater to all our customers; therefore, this product is completely vegan, gluten-free, and 100% THC-free! Moreover, the natural flavor of our tincture is perfect for all those who prefer the earthy taste of hemp rather than our flavored tinctures. So, experience the true power of 2500mg Broad Spectrum CBD today!

  • 2500mg Broad Spectrum CBD
  • 100% THC Free
  • Vegan and Gluten-Free
  • Natural Flavor 

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Raw Botanics 100mg Soothing Pillow and Mask Mist, $40

Raw Botanics Soothing CBD Pillow MistOur Pillow Mist / Mask Spray is intended to be sprayed on linens, masks, clothes, or skin. Amplified with a blend of linalool and eucalyptol terpenes, this product can help ease stress and even improve sleep. Whether it is used on your pillow or mask, the lavender and eucalyptus scent creates a feeling of total relaxation while smelling like you’re resting in a luxurious spa. Although this product is a high-quality food-grade oil that is edible, it is not intended for consumption.

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10 Best CBD Products

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