Autophagy Fasting: Is It The Secret To Weight Loss AND Longevity?

Autophagy Fasting for Weight Loss and cell renewal

People risk their health every day trying fad diets that will only work for a select few, and even then, may not produce long-term, sustainable results. The key is finding a weight loss program that works with your body’s natural processes. Autophagy is just one of those processes that when used in conjunction with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and positive lifestyle changes can dramatically alter how efficiently your body functions. Understanding how it works and how you can use autophagy fasting to lose weight and reach a sustainable body size is worth a little research.

autophagy fasting for weight loss

This is such an important revelation that it earned the man who discovered it a Nobel prize. Yoshinori Ohsumi, won the Nobel prize for medicine in 2016 for discovering how autophagy w works within the cells.

What is Autophagy?

Autophagy is the term used for when cells in the body begin to break down and recycle parts of cells that no longer function correctly or have been damaged in some way. Each cell is capable of producing a membrane that is able to locate damaged sections of cells, break them down and use them for a variety of purposes. They can be used to create new parts or produce energy that the cells need to function. Whether you use the term recycling or cleaning house, the process is extremely efficient and supports good health in a number of ways.

Cleaning House and Recycling Cells

Autophagy is a house cleaning tool the body uses to eliminate damaged, dying or dead cells that no longer function. By clearing away the “trash” left behind by the death of the cells, others that are nearby, function more efficiently. Once the old and damaged cells are gone, the body is better able to generate new ones. This is accomplished by using the energy that is generated by the autophagy or breaking down of the other cells.

In some cases, the damaged parts of the cells are used to create new parts that will improve the overall function of the other cells. This recycling process takes damaged parts of cells and repairs them so they are like new. They can then be used in place of other parts that have been removed through the autophagy process. Both the cleaning house and recycling processes can improve how the cells function on many levels, reducing the risk of illness and infection and minimizing inflammation.

The Infection/Inflammation Connection

Autophagy works two ways when it comes to infection and inflammation. Once the bacteria and viruses have run their course and are no longer a threat, autophagy works its magic by breaking them down and eliminating them from the body. In essence, it takes out the trash and allows new cells to come in bringing with them oxygen and nutrients the body needs to continue the healing process.

Both infection and inflammation can damage cells. The autophagy process targets those cells, scrapping the parts that can no longer be salvaged and repairing the parts that still can serve their purpose. As the damaged parts are being broken down, the process creates energy that other cells can use. By producing this sustainable form of fuel, the body becomes more self-sufficient feeding on its own parts that no longer serve a purpose.

3 Ways to Trigger the Process for Weight Loss

While autophagy occurs throughout the body on a regular basis, there are three primary ways to speed up the process and encourage the body to take its own stance against unwanted fat cells. The following three triggers play a key role in weight loss to begin with, but when used to stimulate autophagy, they take on an entirely new level of efficiency.

      • Exercise – Exercise stresses the body and can cause small tears in muscle tissue. These micro-tears aren’t necessarily harmful, but they take a toll on the body and can increase your risk of injury if not given ample time to heal. This is where autophagy comes in. By helping to clear away the broken and damaged bits of cells associated with the micro-tears, they make way for new cells to form that help to regenerate the muscle tissue.
      • Autophagy Fasting – Like exercise, fasting creates stress on the body. Intermittent fasting, or going for a few hours a day without eating, may actually help to control diabetes and minimize a person’s risk of developing heart disease. Fasting also works in the brain as well and may actually help fight neurodegenerative diseases . By eliminating deteriorating brain cells, some studies state that cognitive function may improve when a person uses intermittent fasting. Some people fast for 12 to 18 hours while others prolong the fast for as long as 36 hours depending on the results they hope to achieve.

        Health Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting infographic with sample data. Vector Illustration.
      • Decreasing the number of carbs you consume will also trigger the autophagy processes. In order for this trigger to be effective, you would need to fast for up to 18 hours or longer. This forces the body into a state of ketosis. During the other six hours, the use of carbohydrates is minimal, forcing the body to basically feed on itself for the fuel it needs to function. However, cutting out whole grains to reduce carbs is a risky proposition with the recent studied connecting low whole grain consumption to cancer, particularly, colon cancer.


Jump-Starting Ketosis

The best way to jump-start ketosis is through lifestyle changes and autophagy fasting. While some claim that fasting can be dangerous, not eating for a few hours normally won’t hurt you. Although it’s a good idea to check with your doctor prior to starting any new weight loss program, intermittent fasting (fasting for 6 to 16 hours at a time) usually isn’t that stressful to the body. The fact is, fasting is a normal part of your day in most cases, it just occurs for different lengths of time depending on what you are doing.

Using Autophagy Fasting for Weight Lossautophagy fasting to lose weight

Autophagy is a body process that can be manipulated for weight loss if you understand its triggers and are willing to make lifestyle changes that support them. By altering your diet, you can further fine tune the autophagy process, making it easier to lose unwanted pounds as well as make other metabolic processes more efficient.

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