Why Healthy Gums and Teeth Matter to Your Overall Health

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Staying healthy has been a major focus of most American’s during this COVID-19 pandemic. And with most non-essential medical treatments being postponed it has become incumbent on individuals to focus more on taking measures to protect their health. Perhaps one of the most important areas to focus on is to ensure that you are taking measures to focus on the health of your gums and teeth. Why is this so important? It’s important because the health of your gums and teeth is directly related to important aspects of your overall health. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), half of Americans aged 30 or older (which equates to approximately 64.7 million people) have periodontitis, the most advanced form of periodontal disease. And, according to Harvard Medical School, people with periodontal disease have been found to be at higher risk for cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, pregnancy complications and dementia. Avoiding potential gum disease requires good dental hygiene. 

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One company has focused its entire efforts on developing a line of consumer professional oral-care probiotics that can aid in fighting against common dental problems such as gum disease. ProBiora Health, a Tampa, Florida based company, produces a patented blend of oralcare products called ProBiora3®. These products support gum and tooth health while also promoting whiter teeth and fresher breath. And, it’s as easy as melting a tasty mint in your mouth once a day.

Gum disease begins when plaque builds up under and along your gum line. A mild gum disease is called gingivitis and when it becomes more severe it is called periodontitis. According to the Mayo Clinic, periodontitis while common is largely preventable because it is largely a result of poor oral hygiene. While effective brushing of teeth and flossing are important, today there are additional products to enhance good dental health. ProBiora3 products provide an effective way to practice good oral hygiene that helps to prevent gum disease and there is considerable science to ensure that these products help.  

There is Plenty of Science Behind ProBiora3 Products

Probiora Mouth productsHere, according to ProBiora Health, is the science behind its professional oral care probiotics that aid in the fight against common dental products such as gum disease.  

Freeze-dried live microorganisms are introduced to the mouth via a probiotic mint. As the mint probiotic dissolves in the mouth, the saliva hydrates the probiotics, which seek out their natural habitat, immediately migrating to the mouth tissue, gums, gum pockets and tooth surfaces where they will “live” in their native environment and compete with the pathogens. These “friendly” bacteria compete for space and nutrients and over time crowd out the pathogenic bacteria associated with poor oral health and bad breath, improving overall oral health and freshening breath.  

ProBiora3 is a proprietary blend of three naturally occurring strains of beneficial bacteria, including Streptococcus oralis KJ3®, Streptococcus uberis KJ2® and Streptococcus rattus JH145®, which supports gum and tooth health. As a biproduct of their metabolism, ProBiora3 bacteria produce microscopic hydrogen peroxide, which naturally whitens teeth. The scientific basis for the oral health benefits provided by these three strains of bacteria has been documented in numerous peer-reviewed publications over the last 30 years.  

ProBiora Health™ emphasizes that it is focused on changing the way people think about the benefits of oral health through probiotics because the benefits of a healthy mouth impact more than just teeth and gums. They rely on a Dental & Medical Professional Advisory Council composed of a full range of top dental professions with outstanding reputations and credentials to advise them on their full line of products with all-natural probiotics and to help ensure that they deliver the highest quality oral care products possible.  

By adding this once-a-day mint to your dental hygiene routine you can significantly add to the health of your gums and teeth as well as derive the additional benefits of whiter teeth and fresher breath.  

All ProBiora Health products may be purchased at or Amazon.

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