Why Zumba®? Dancing Your Way Healthy

Why Zumba®?

Can you dance your way healthy?

“Dance has many health benefits,” confirms ZLIFE, in its April, 2016 article, “Dance, It’s Not Just For Fun!” With a dance format to suit most every Prime Woman’s fitness level, why not give Zumba® Fitness a try?

Why Zumba®?

It multi-tasks by improving flexibility, balance, strength, metabolism, and even mood. It’s also known as a party disguised as exercise. And, at the instructor’s suggestion to let the music move you, move you it does with its intoxicating international sounds. This dance-fitness format not only improves your skills, but it also shapes and tones your body. Furthermore, as the ZLIFE article confirms, there’s plenty of research to support that dancing may lead to a decreased risk of dementia and better mental health.

“…Some doctors have started writing down instructions to get moving on a prescription pad. Physical activity may be as powerful as anything that comes from a bottle…,” CURE, Winter, 2014.

So it’s no wonder that Alice, a busy mother of two teen girls, answers Why Zumba®?:

“It’s my happy pill!”
But what if you think you can’t dance? So thought Julie, a world-class tennis champ in her 50’s with her self-described “two left feet.” Needing a cross-training workout, she chose Zumba® because of her love for music. And when her doubles partner noticed the difference in her play and agility on the court, Julie was hooked.

Want specifics of the fitness bonus?

At Fitbit, it’s possible to blaze through half, between 5K-7K, of the recommended 10K steps a day for good health. How about calorie burn? LIVESTRONG finds that calories burned in Zumba® range from 350 to 650. Both steps and calories may vary depending upon duration and personal level of intensity.

With all its possible benefits, there’s little doubt why Zumba® Fitness has swept the world over the last decade. Yes, there’s even a workout in the pool! So, before you “jump in,” do research to choose from the many workout varieties that are right for you.

Looking for lower intensity, just getting back to exercise or are a senior?

Check out Zumba®Gold. There are classes with hand-held weights, a step or even a chair. Begin by asking gym personnel and the instructor about the details and intensity of each class. Instructors appreciate getting to know you, where you see yourself in your fitness journey and any injury or physical challenges you have currently.

Want the convenience of dancing your way fit at home?

Check out Zumba® online for a great selection of DVDs and video games. While there, take a look at the blogs and offerings at the bottom of “Z LIFE.” It’s a great resource for students and instructors who want to know more about the world of Zumba®.

As always, check with your physician prior to starting any new fitness routine.

Ready to shake it?
Just let the music move you!