5-Minute High-Intensity Interval Training Workout for Home

hiit workout for home

This HIIT workout for home is part of the Prime Women Fitness Challenge. If you haven’t yet, get all the details and learn how you can participate! All you need is 5 minutes a day for 30 days to commit to a healthier you!


Getting Started

It’s recommended that you are warmed up before you get started. Go for a quick walk, do some dynamic stretches, just get your blood flowing and heart rate up! Also, make sure you have everything you need ready, like an interval timer. You can download an app that will let you know when to change intervals. 

For this HIIT workout at home, we will be doing 30 seconds of work and then 1-minute of recovery. Studies have shown that having a longer recovery time than work time will produce the best results. However, that means that you need to give it your all during the high-intensity interval, and you should need the recovery!

How to do This HIIT Workout For Home

During January, we will release the next segment of the workout each Thursday. So, start with just 5 minutes that focus on the legs. Then the next week, add the next 5-minute workout and so on. By the end of the 30-days, you’ll have worked your way up to a 20-minute HIIT workout. Try and do the entire workout each week, but if you truly only have five minutes, it’s okay! Give yourself permission to just do what you’re able.

Workout #1: HIIT Legs
Workout #2: Low-Impact Jump Alternatives
Workout #3: Highest Intensity
Workout #4: Arms & Legs
Cool Down

Workout #1: HIIT Legs

Knee Repeaters

Start with 30 seconds of knee repeaters. You will plant one leg and bring the other leg up as if you were about to run. However, instead of moving forward, you will put the leg back down. Make sure your core is engaged and nice and tight. You also will pump your arms. Your shoulders should be low, though, and your neck relaxed. Repeat this move for 30 seconds, using just one leg. Then take a 1-minute recovery, getting your breathing back to normal and lowering your heart rate. Then, the next 30-second interval of this HIIT workout for the home will do the same movement on the other leg.

Hamstring Curls

If you did aerobics back in the day, you’ve done this move before! This variation is low-impact. Moving from side to side, lift one leg at a time, bringing your heel toward your bum. Engage your glutes and press your heels down while doing this. If you put the weight on the balls of your feet, it will stress your knees. Depending on the intensity level that is right for you, there are several modifications. If you can do more, raise your arms as you move side to side, as if you are lifting something above your head then placing it back down at your waist. If you want even more of a challenge, add a hop.

High Knee Repeaters

This move is also known as ‘1, 2, 3, Knee.’ Start by taking 3 steps in place, and on the 4th step, swing your knee forward and up, like you are doing a high knee. Once again, engage your core and pump your arms, keeping the neck relaxed. Really put some force behind that high knee to get your heart rate up! Alternate legs, so you go from left to right each time. If you want more of a challenge, add a hop.

Workout #2: Low-Impact Jump Alternatives

Jump Squat

Don’t be frightened off this HIIT workout for home by the word jump or squat. If you have the capability to jump, then go for it. Otherwise, you can make a modified move, just going up and down. Start with legs wide and knees bent. Your toes should be slightly forward-facing. Then move up and down, adding a jump if you are able. Make sure your knees are in good form and don’t go past the toes. And if you have knee trouble, don’t go into such a deep squat. Think of the move you make to get in and out of a chair every day. For arms, raise and lower them much as you did during the Hamstring Curls motion. If this is too difficult, modify it so that you move your arms with every other squat.

Front And Rear Kicks

Start this move by engaging your core. This is where your power should be coming from, and you should be powerful for this move. You will put one leg forward and the other back. Kick your forward-facing leg into the air, bringing it back down, then kicking back the leg behind you. Do this until the interval is done. Then switch the legs, so the one that was kicking forward will now be kicking behind and repeat. If you’d like more of a challenge, you can add a little hop as you alternate legs as if you are jumping over a small obstacle on the ground.

No Jump Jumping Jacks

If you can do jumping jacks, then no need to use this modification! However, if doing jumping jacks for 30 seconds is too strenuous, you can do 4 regular, 4 modified. If you cannot do jumping jacks at all, use this modification: alternate reaching legs out to the left and right. While doing this, reach your arms up and out at the same time, much as you would during a regular jumping jack. For a little more intensity, you can add a hop as if jumping over a small puddle when alternating legs.

Workout #3: Highest Intensity

‘No Jump’ Jumps

Stand with legs about hip-width apart. Squat down slightly, taking the arms down. As you stand back up, raise your hands toward the ceiling. In order to not jump, you will need to alter your center of gravity. If you can handle more impact, go ahead and jump while doing this exercise. Or alter it to your needs by jumping every 4th time.

Lateral 1, 2, 3s

Moving sideways, with quick feet, you will use the lead foot to go to the side. Have the other foot follow. It will tap down for just a moment before you move to the side again. Repeat 2 more times, so you have moved in one direction a total of 3 times. Then repeat, going the opposite way, the other foot leading this time. While you are doing this, pump the arms. And remember, for this HIIT workout at home, we are going for 30 seconds and resting for 60. So if you can’t match the video pace, that is okay but try your best in order to get the most out of this workout.


For this move, you will be engaging the core and punching forward. Take the legs wide, with a bend in the knee. If you can, march the feet while you are punching. To punch, alternate arms and take the fist out in front of the chest before rapidly pulling it back to your side at a 90-degree angle. This will get a little bit of rotation for the side-waist, as well as working the arms. You can alternate speeds so that you go between very fast punches and relatively slower punches.

Workout #4: Arms & Legs

Jump Squat

If you’ve been doing these intervals every week, then you should be familiar with this move from workout #2. Start with legs wide and knees bent. Your toes should be slightly forward-facing. Then move up and down, adding a jump if you are able. Make sure your knees are in good form and don’t go past the toes. Again, adjust this move for your level of ability. If you can handle more impact, then please go for it. If some impact is okay, try jumping every other squat or every 4th squat. If you need low-impact, then don’t jump at all.

Uppercut Punches

To do this move, start with feet wider than shoulders, with a slight bend in the knees. You will bend your arms at the elbow and hold them at your side. Then alternating arms, punch upward, keeping the bend in your elbow, and stopping in front of your face. You will want to put some power behind each punch and really engage your core. Start with slower punches, then after 8, pick up the pace and really move those arms quickly for 8 more. Alternate between these speeds for the entire interval.

Knee to Rear Lunges

This will look very similar to the front and rear kicks from workout #2. But instead of doing one side for 30-seconds then switching to the other leg, you will alternate legs each time. So you will engage the core, have a slight bend in the knees, and lean slightly forward. Then bring one knee up before taking the same knee back. Then bring that foot back to the center, and switch legs. It is a quick foot change, not a jump for this move. This will put a little more focus on the lower body while still working the arms, so you may see a bit more heart rate elevation during this sequence.

Punches with Fast Feet

This is the big finish so give it everything you’ve got! If you truly go all out, it supports a better fat-burning after the exercise. If you don’t go as hard as you can during this HIIT workout at home, you will still see benefits, like an energy boost during the day. To make this move, you will go sideways (body perpendicular to the computer), legs about hip-width apart, slight bend in the knee. Hold your fist in front of you. Then, punch out to the side with the hand closer to the computer, going onto your toes as you do so. On the 4th punch, reach the other hand across the body, so it is punching toward the computer. After about 4 sets, jump to switch sides, so the hand that was reaching across to punch is now on the front. Repeat on this side of the body.

Cool Down

After you’ve completed your workout, do this cool down to get your heart rate and breathing back to normal!



No exercise is appropriate for everybody. The advice herein is not intended to replace or substitute medical advice. If in doubt, seek the advice of your physician. 


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