Are Your Pets Ready for Summer? 

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You’ve heard the term “dog days of summer.” Well, it’s true. Not just for dogs, but your other loved pets as well. Not only can the heat and humidity of summer be harmful to humans, but it can also be dangerous to man’s best friend and other pets. And, since pets are like family to most pet owners, it’s important to protect them as well during the hot, humid days of summer.

A good way to be prepared according to Mary Palko, co-founder of Gruene Anolyte, is to create a DIY Pet First Aid Kit. Three NIXALL®PRO products that make an ideal Pet First Aid Kit are NIXALL®PRO VetResponse Eye & Ear Wash, NIXALL®PRO VetResponse Wound Skin Solution and NIXALL®PRO VetResponse Skin & Coat Grooming Solution.

nixallpro - best grooming product for petsNIXALL®PRO VETRESPONSE Wound and Skin comes in both a spray and a gel. According to Palko, from the TLC given to frisky new kittens to the more immediate care of a dog or horse’s wound, these products can be used for a minor rash, wound or skin irritation. The gel is a thicker version of the popular liquid formula and can be used to protect a wound from dirt. It can also be used for cuts, lacerations, burns and all skin irritations, and this is all accomplished without using antibiotics, steroids or alcohol. Furthermore, it is not harmful if your pet licks and can be used around the eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

NIXALL®PRO VETRESPONSE Eye & Ear Wash will likely make you a hero in your pet’s eyes. Little is more annoying to your pet than itchy eyes or ears and nothing is more delicate to your pet than its eyes and ears. This product gently washes away dirt and debris, soothing your pet’s eye and relieves them of “itchy” symptoms. It helps accelerate the healing process and removes tear stains. And, because there is no sting or burn your pet will likely love you for using it.

NIXALL®PRO VETRESPONSE Skin & Coat Grooming Solution is a must for all show horses and prized pets in the show ring. This solution works to moisten the skin, helping to maintain a healthy and shiny coat for your cat, dog or equine animal. It is used by veterinarians and has been tagged as “a groomer’s best friend,” ideally being used on dry patches as well as being safe to use around the eyes, nose and mouth. Also noteworthy is if licked by your pet, it will not irritate wounds or sores. Not only is it effective in making your furry friends look great, but it also removes odors on contact, leaving them smelling good too.

summer friends - best grooming product for pets

It’s good to know that just as a handy first aid kit helps to make summer much safer for our children, a DIY Pet First Aid Kit containing these three products provides a solution for our beloved pets during the “dog days of summer.” All can be found at to put your DIY Pet First Aid Kit together for this summer.