Best Haircuts for a Square Face

Short haircuts are a killer look for women over 50 because they don’t pull your face down; they make you appear younger.

These styles are appealing because they are simple to maintain and will not consume much of your grooming time. So, let’s explore some winning haircuts for women over 50 with a square face.

Do I have a square face?

The shape of your face indicates whether it is square or round. If you have a square jaw, wide cheekbones, and a large forehead, you have a square or angular face.

Which types of haircuts are best for a square face?

Layered bob cut

The layered bob cut works for all hair textures, so thinner, 50-year-old hair is no challenge.

The long bob frames your face perfectly, and the fact that it extends to chin length makes it a good choice for softening the jawline.

Long bob

Classic bob

A timeless cut that you can grace any occasion in, the classic bob frames your face beautifully, with its shapely curve giving your face a delicate look.

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