Why the Electoral College is Critical to Our Nation – A Business 2019 History Lesson

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As a business person, a self employed small business person, a great grandmother, a grandmother and mother, I would like to express my personal opinion as to why the electoral college system of electing our representatives to government is so important.

Self employed small businesses make up the majority of inventions, ingenuity, new ideas, and making old ideas work in our economy. So why should we worry about politics or what the federal government is doing? What does it have to do with us?

The founders of our great nation, I believe, were truly inspired. Why did they not just have a simple majority rule? Our nation could elect on a majority vote all positions to government. Why would that be a problem? Simply because history shows us that majority rule can bring chaos and bring to fruition dictatorship and worse. History is our example if you look at past nations with majority rule. The majority can change its mind on a dime depending on which personality, which current hero, which current trend or philosophy they embrace. Propaganda, not facts, can confuse and deceive. Emotion rather than reason can rule.

The founders of our nation realized that that big cities and concentrated areas of one opinion, on belief system could drown out the everyday voice of the individual. Therefore the founders in their great wisdom chose that two or four concentrated areas should not drown out the voice of the whole. That is why they constructed a Republic rather than a Democracy.

To state it simply: A Republic is representative government of the whole, while a Democracy is rule by majority. So a few populous states such as California, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, Oregon, and Florida could make all of our decisions according to the Democracy rule. Under a Republic each state has a voice, certain votes depending on populous, but all states therefore have a voice. The Midwestern and Western states can collectively have a voice they would never have otherwise. That is why, in their wisdom, the founders chose a Republic with an electoral college rather than one vote for each person with majority rule.

We hear that we are a Democracy all the time, but in truth we are a Republic where all the voices of the populous are meant to have a voice no matter where they are located. For instance, I live in a very liberal state which due to the big populous centers, for the most part drowns out for representation the smaller communities and rural areas that also want to have a voice. Farmers are important to our society but often on the state level, due to the makeup of the big cities in the state, they have little voice. The same is true for small business people. Both of these help make up the backbone of our nation.

As a small business person, I hear the cries to abolish the electoral system because the past presidential election the system did not provide the expected result for many. But as an American who loves her country, whether I approved of this latest presidential election or the last, I realize it gives me a voice where otherwise I would have none. So my new years resolution for myself and my advice to all small businesses, for all Americans, is to learn more of the history and the wisdom of our founders, how exemplary this nation is in spite of our mistakes. This is the greatest nation to have ever been produced, and God Willing, it will continue to be so.

Best of wishes to all of our young and old entrepreneurs, our small businesses forming and ongoing, that brave the uncertainties of the future to hire, grow, thrive, and add to our nation’s prosperity. Without the electoral college so many of us would not have a voice. Treasure it and protect it while working hard to make your business and America better. Happy New Year!

This article is the opinion of the author and does not necessarily express the views of Prime Women.

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