How to Never Give Up When You’re Feeling Down

building self confidence

While Winston Churchill may be well-known for saying, “Never, never, never give up,” it is actually another one of his quotes that may be more meaningful for you during disappointing and somewhat depressing times.

Just as the growing green grass and bright blooming flowers have become dormant over the past few months, so may have some of the goals you set for yourself. But, spring always promises the rebirth of budding green leaves and blooming colorful flowers; thus, it’s important not to give up on a renewal of belief that you can achieve your goals as well. In that vein, another of Winston Churchill’s quotes comes into play: “Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.”

No matter how down and dejected you may have felt about not moving forward over the past few months and how much thought you have given each day to changing that situation, it’s important to focus your thinking on your potential to meet those goals going forward and to simply not give up.

So, how do you continue building self confidence when you may be feeling so down? Here are a few concepts to get you started.

  • Stop focusing on the negative and begin picturing the positive daily. This actually works. It’s what athletes call “mental rehearsal;” seeing things as you want them to be and picturing them vividly in your mind. If you start this exercise every morning and every night before going to sleep and maintain the process for just one month, don’t be surprise to see positive results begin to manifest.
  • Control what you can, dismiss what you can’t. Whether it’s trying to change an individual who can’t seem to see things your way or a policy you heartily disagree with, give it up. Focus instead on the many other things you can control. Your time will be much better spent and your attitude will greatly improve, while building self confidence.
  • Smile more. Become extremely conscious of the amount of time you smile. Without even realizing it, people all too often walk around looking way too serious and glum and at the same time expect people to respond positively to them. Wake up and take a reality check. No one likes to associate with someone who appears to lack confidence and seems down on life. Remember the old adage that when you smile, the whole world smiles with you. There’s more truth than not to that.
  • Avoid hanging out with negative people. Sure, it’s realistic that during difficult times like this there will be discussions involving the problems that may be encountered. But don’t get bogged down in negative, woe-is-me conversations. Spend the majority of your time with people who are positive, looking for alternative ways to hurdle the problems and being innovative in their thinking.
  • Finally, take time to treat yourself; be good to yourself. Maybe that’s going to a funny movie; abandoning adults altogether and hanging out with some playful kids; pampering yourself with a soothing massage or buying that new pair of shoes you told yourself were just too outrageous to buy. Most of all, take time to take care of you so you are in the right place to take care of those who depend on you—your family, your friends and your loyal supporters.

In nature, spring always brings forth new life in fresh and magnificent ways. Leverage the advent of spring and let it also be a time of building self confidence and great expectations for you.