Years back a good man who lived his life in service to his family, friends and this nation gave a plaque he treasured to his pastor. If my recollection is correct, the plaque read something like this: “Have Faith. Love. And When Necessary Use Words.” This was shared by his pastor during the national memorial service for George H. W. Bush. As the words sunk in, they had a profound affect on me.

At this time in our nation and the world’s history, not just during the holidays, we can take much wisdom in the example of those simple words. There is so much fear, anxiety, division, and increasingly hatred sweeping our homes, this nation, and the world. Putting into practice these simple and eloquent words could change the world we live in. The words of love, the words of service to each other.

Talk is indeed cheap and only though action (deed) do those words have worth. During this holiday season let your light not shine under a bushel. Let your love, your light shine brightly in word when necessary, but mostly “in deed”.

The Bible tells us that the greatest commandment is love. Love and service are in short commodity these days so I’m sharing this lovely, short, and eloquent example with you. We have become so commercialized. We have delegated so much of our parenting and personal examples of service in the rush of accumulating or just surviving. We struggle to survive while we should be doing what we can to thrive by sharing love and service to one another.

A person’s word used to be his/her honor. If only we could go back to those days! A handshake was as good, often better, than a written contract. A person’s word was backed up by honorable action. Those that failed to honor their word were exceptions, not the rule.

During this holiday season could we think not about what we can get but rather what we can give? Just as one raindrop can not make a difference, a thousand. a million raindrops can. Can we not resolve this holiday season to have faith, to love, and when necessary use words? Can we not resolve in the coming new year to help change the world as one raindrop amongst many: loving each other, serving each other in love and faith? So let your light shine In Deed!


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