Four Thought Worthy Phrases In Pursuing Your Passion

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Mike Dooley ( in his Notes From The Universe inspires us each. This time he lands on four thought worthy phrases that fit passionate work to the tee. Here we go:

  1. Wanted It So Greatly: When you experience passion for your work, you yearn for it when you are away. There is a pull, a tug that you feel towards the work. Upon awakening in the morning, there is a sense of urgency to ‘get to work’. You want it so greatly that you begin to prioritize the passionate work over other activities.
  2. Imagined It So Vividly: In your idle time, you daydream about your passionate work. I walk by a painting in an airport and get inspiration for a composition I am working one in my studio. There are more daydreams about being in front of a huge canvas and creating a giant image that people feel they could walk into. I imagine a large palette of paint where I have mixed the most beautiful colors. There are also dreams through the night about being in a very special space exhibiting my art and enjoying the conversation regarding different impressions and perceptions others’ see in visual images I created.
  3. Prepared For It So Thoroughly: In a previous article, I talked about returning to a college campus to study art and learn from artists who teach. And there’s more… Visits to museums to see masterpieces of all genres; travelling to artists’ studios and seeing their work-space, asking questions about their practice and work habits; watching YouTube videos about how to paint, how to mix color and how to prep a canvas; reading books; talking with fellow painters; and making quick practice paintings, ready to be thrown away like a taste test of wine and spit out.
  4. You Could Literally Taste It: Five years ago when I started down this path, I had no idea where I would be in 2015; however, I ached to be a painter deep inside. And now I can literally taste it. I no longer squirm when speaking with artists on the street, in a gallery or in their studio. I am eager to communicate about art and painting with university professors, retail gallerists and museum curators.

I wanted to be a painter so greatly that I spent numerous hours vividly imagining the possibilities. For passionate work, there is a personal commitment to and prioritization of preparation and studies. Even though I am five years into this journey, I could literally taste the sweet sensation of being acknowledged as a painter, a creator of visual images. I want to do more and continue down this path. With Mike Dooley’s inspiration, there is more to come.