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Becoming a Grandma And Staying True to Myself

I became a first-time grandma in my mid-forties. I suddenly felt like everything was downhill. As I attempted to embrace my new role and ventured out with my grandchild, whenever I introduced myself as the grandmother, it never failed for me to hear comments like, “You’re a grandmother? How old are you?” I did not know whether to take it as a compliment or an insult. I pondered if the word grandmother made me feel older and less attractive or if it was just me going through a change in life. Perhaps it was both.

Living up to my First-time Grandma Expectations

first time grandma

Nevertheless, there were days when something still did not feel quite right. Once again I had my doubts. Am I going to be able to do this? Will I be a good grandmother? It had nothing to do with my grandchild, but the thought of taking on another responsibility. I was reminded that grandmothers baked cookies, knitted and played board games with their grandchildren.

Not to mention, first-time grandmas babysat when their parents needed a break. Wait… I did not sign up for this! I was at the prime of my life. Yet, I felt as though I was starting all over. How was I going to fit in my coffee time, my brunches or shopping sprees with my girlfriends? Was I being selfish?

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Welcoming a New Perspective

I had always pictured grandmothers one way in my head. They were usually frumpy and more like the housewives of TV shows of days bygone. But that’s not how I saw myself. Yet, I was a grandma too. Could I be both? Was my vision of a grandma wrong? After all, there was no one there telling me I had to do certain things or dress a certain way to be a grandma. Just because I was a grandmother it wasn’t necessary to completely reinvent myself. I realized that I didn’t have to change who I am, or change my lifestyle, I just needed a new perspective. From then on this first-time grandma was ready to face the world.

Dressing Like a Grandma

One thing that was very important to me was the way I dressed. I loved the way I dressed! I had been worried I would have to change that aspect of who I was. Because grandmas dress a certain way, right? However, the longer I was a grandma, the more I learned about being a grandma. I didn’t have to change who I was or how I dressed. It was just essential that I dressed appropriately for the occasion as a first-time grandma! I knew not to wear my halter top or athletic wear to meet the teacher’s night. But that didn’t mean I had to trade in my high heels. I was still me, this was just a new facet of my life.


I love being a grandma. What a joy it is! I now understood when my mother used to say, “There’s nothing like grandchildren!” I have learned that being a grandparent is just another phase in life. It is only as complicated as you make it. I did not have to completely alter my lifestyle, but I had to learn to be more flexible.

The secret is remembering to always save room for your me-time and then add in all the other pieces. So first-time grandmas (and all other grandmothers!) it’s time for some me-time! For me this is putting on my chicest outfit, grabbing my favorite pair of heels, calling my girlfriends and catching up! If this is a bit much, slow the pace and put on your pjs, grab a book or turn on a good movie with some great snacks. No matter what sort of me-time you prefer, just don’t forget about you.



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