The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Women

Habits for Success

Highly effective women in their prime years generally have more discretionary time than younger women who may be juggling young children while maintaining a home and a job to develop habits for success. Whether you are retired or still working, now is the time of life to reflect on what is most important and invest time and effort in things that give you deep satisfaction.

The prime years can be some of the most productive in a woman’s life. That energy surge a woman gets in later years has been called “post-menopausal zest,” and it’s worthy of being channeled toward those things that give a woman great fulfillment. To make the most of your prime years, try adapting these 7 habits of highly effective women:

Habit 1: Reflection
Typically you have a more spacious calendar in your prime years, so habits for success include scheduling time each day to reflect, review and plan. Some women read spiritual literature or the Bible during a daily devotional time. Others meditate, while some simply sit with their morning coffee, perhaps outside–to just be. At the end of your quiet time, review your calendar and make an intention (what you wish to accomplish or embody that day).

Habit 2: Passion
What is your passion? Mine is playing a musical instrument. I had put away my instrument, the viola, in my late 20’s when I was too busy with young children and an executive job to practice and rehearse. Taking it up again in my 50’s has been pure pleasure. Passion time is for activities that feed you and give you deep satisfaction, like cooking a complicated recipe, making beer or crocheting.

Habit 3: Friends & Family
Many women in their prime have grown children and/or grandchildren that are the light of their lives. This is the time that you invest in those precious family members and dear friends. Schedule time each week to be with those who are most important to you. Developing habits for success include private, as well as, public.

Habit 4: Work
For many women, this is the time to give back to their professions, either by helping younger professionals or getting involved in industry groups. It is also a time when your work takes on a different meaning; one of service, making a difference in the world and of leaving a legacy. Throw yourself into the work you love!

Habit 5: Exercise
Paying attention to our physical bodies helps combat the negative effects of aging. “Move it or lose it” is my motto! Some women consider exercise time equivalent to their passion time, which can make those yoga classes a highly satisfying experience. If you think yoga is for contortionists, you’re wrong. Almost anyone can walk, and moving your body outside in nature can be a very satisfying experience for highly effective women and one of the habits for success that will payoff in the quality of your years.

Habit 6: Service to others
The “third 1/3 of life” – the prime years – is typically a time when a woman deeply desires to serve others and contribute to bettering this planet. What community, civic or spiritual organizations could use your help? What form of service gives you deep fulfillment? Giving back to the community in your favorite way increases your happiness, strengthens your emotional connections and improves your health.

Habit 7: Learning
Did you know that our brains continue to generate neurons (brain cells) until the day we die? Neuroscience has proven that you really can “teach an old dog new tricks.” Not to say that you are a dog, but women in their prime need to challenge their intellects by continuous learning. One habit that accomplishes that is reading.  So read a little every day – it makes no difference whether it’s a printed newspaper, your favorite online news feed, a physical book or a Kindle offering. Learn something new every day!

Take advantage of this highly productive time in your life and commit to these seven habits for success. Share them with your friends and become highly effective women–full of zest for life! You’ll be happy you did.



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