Social Opportunities for Women in Their Prime

If you want to get more social but you find yourself in an unexpected life transition (death, divorce, etc.), check out our social opportunities for women over 50.
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For many women over 50, navigating social opportunities can sometimes feel like traversing uncharted territory. Yet, this stage of life is brimming with possibilities for connection, growth, and fulfillment. Embracing community involvement and social engagement not only fosters companionship but also enriches one’s overall well-being.

We recently sat down with, Patty Jackson, the founder of a group out of Lake Oconee called On Our Own to learn more about the benefits of starting or joining a social group such as hers. After chatting with her, we thought it might be fun to look at social opportunities on a broader level and found ourselves checking out three options: Silver Sneakers, the Red Hat Society, and AmeriCorps Seniors. We found that each offers vibrant social networks and opportunities for women to thrive in their golden years.

On Our Own

on our own
The On Our Own Group, Image Courtesy of Patty Jackson

Patty began On Our Own (OOO) to bring women together to help them overcome, endure, and recover from life’s transitions. She says, “While navigating life transitions is an inevitable part of life, the phenomenon of two specific abrupt life changes for women has created a demographic trend. This demographic trend is caused by longer life expectancy, women are outliving their spouses and a changing social dynamic known as the “silver divorce”. These abrupt life changes are exponentially impacting the distribution of this demographic group of women, leading to socioeconomic implications.”

According to Patty, “On Our Own (OOO) members enjoy participating in RLC and RLO events and activities, as well as community events, and exclusive OOO activities such as monthly Happy Hours at member’s homes, exercise classes, GALentine Dinner, New Year’s Eve Party, Floating Regattas, Croquet and Rose’ Lawn Parties, Secret Sisters, and much, much more.” While that sounds like a ton of fun, it’s the social connections and emotional support that truly benefit the members. While we think about our golden years and being able to settle into a retired lifestyle, it’s hard to accept that it might look a lot different than planned.

Patty addressed this adjustment, saying, “Women who were once in stable roles suddenly find themselves grappling with uncertainty, and the abrupt transformation of life statuses for women is challenging. A life shift unique to each and every woman reshapes their life and requires adaptation to difficult circumstances that demand resilience and strength in the face of adversity to rebuild their life. Understanding and addressing unique challenges is required to remain connected and an active participant in life. Some women develop coping mechanisms to prevent social isolation; others navigate legal and financial challenges and develop empowerment and independence strategies; and others rebuild their lives through education or employment.”

If you’re considering starting or joining a local social club, after learning about OOO, we highly encourage you to do so. As Patty says, “On Our Own embarked on a sisterhood to explore our mutual journey, even though each was so very different, and as we embarked on this mutual exploration, there were so many unexpected turns – the compassion, the support, the fun, the laughter, the insights we gleaned from each other served as a beacon, to guide our efforts forward – to find other women confronting abrupt life transitions.” Sounds like a great plan to us!

Silver Sneakers

Women working out together at the gym

Silver Sneakers stands as a beacon of health and camaraderie for older adults across the United States. With a focus on fitness, this program provides access to gym memberships, group exercise classes, and wellness resources tailored specifically for individuals aged 65 and above. What sets Silver Sneakers apart is its inclusive atmosphere, welcoming people of all fitness levels and abilities. For single women over 50, it serves as a gateway to not only physical well-being but also to a supportive community of peers.

Participating in Silver Sneakers classes offers more than just an opportunity to break a sweat; it fosters connections that extend beyond the gym floor. Bonding over shared goals and triumphs, women forge friendships that transcend age and background. Whether it’s during a yoga session or a water aerobics class, these gatherings become spaces where laughter is abundant, encouragement is freely given, and stories are shared. Silver Sneakers becomes more than just a fitness program—it becomes a lifeline, a source of empowerment, and a hub of social interaction.

Red Hat Society

Red hat society

Similarly, the Red Hat Society provides a platform for women over 50 to celebrate life, friendship, and fun. Originating from a simple poem about wearing red hats and purple attire, this global sisterhood has evolved into a vibrant social movement. Members, affectionately known as “Red Hatters,” come together to enjoy outings, cultural events, and themed gatherings while donning their signature red hats and purple outfits. What distinguishes the Red Hat Society is its emphasis on embracing the joys of aging and seizing the moment with gusto.

The Red Hat Society offers a sense of belonging and adventure. It’s a chance to step out of the routine, explore new interests, and create lasting memories with like-minded women. From tea parties to theater nights, every activity is an opportunity to revel in camaraderie and revelry. Through shared experiences and shared laughter, Red Hatters form bonds that transcend age, reminding each other that life is meant to be lived to the fullest, regardless of relationship status.

AmeriCorps Seniors


AmeriCorps Seniors, formerly known as the Senior Corps, presents yet another avenue for women to make a meaningful impact in their communities. This national service program connects older adults with volunteer opportunities ranging from mentoring and tutoring to environmental conservation and disaster relief. By leveraging their skills, wisdom, and life experiences, volunteers contribute to the betterment of society while also reaping personal rewards.

AmeriCorps Seniors offers a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Engaging in volunteer work not only provides a way to give back but also fosters connections with fellow volunteers and the individuals they serve. Whether it’s helping children learn to read, assisting at a local food bank, or offering companionship to homebound seniors, every act of service strengthens the fabric of the community and brings joy to both the giver and the receiver. Through AmeriCorps Seniors, women discover that their impact knows no bounds and that their golden years are ripe with opportunities to make a difference.


In conclusion, social opportunities abound for women in their prime, each offering its own unique blend of camaraderie, adventure, and fulfillment. From the fitness-focused community of Silver Sneakers to the spirited gatherings of the Red Hat Society and the service-oriented ethos of AmeriCorps Seniors, these avenues provide fertile ground for connection, growth, and joy. By embracing these opportunities, women can cultivate rich and rewarding lives filled with laughter, friendship, and purpose. After all, age is just a number, and the best is yet to come.

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