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Anti Aging

Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Women in their 50s and Beyond

Who doesn’t wish they could slow down the natural signs of aging? Unfortunately, even with a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, good nutrition and limited sun exposure, the signs of aging are inevitable. Life happens! While some may embrace the natural aging process, many women (and men) are now… Read more


Senior Sports: You Can Still Be An Athlete

I started composing this post with the intention of providing information about a certain sports organization. As I researched I realized that my goal is deeper and wider. I want to throw the doors of senior sports open to all of us who were athletes when we were younger and… Read more


How Much Exercise Prevents Depression?

Add depression prevention to the growing list of ways that exercise can be an effective form of depression treatment. A newly-released study finds a direct link between staying active and recovering from mild to severe depression. And the good news, it doesn’t take hours at the gym to achieve this… Read more


The Trends in Trousers

Denim is having its day right now, but don't use that as an excuse to ignore the resurgence of the trouser in women's wear. As a staple of many massive movements in women's history towards equality and equity, the trouser has become the iconic expression of this mood from era-to-era.… Read more

Featured Women

Inspirational Women in Their Prime: Nancy A. Hughes

What’s a woman to do when she leaves the big city where she grew up and finds herself in a very small town with few options for a career? That’s the story behind mystery writer Nancy A. Hughes. Nancy grew up in Pittsburgh, graduated from Penn State in journalism and… Read more


Coping with Knee Pain

First, let it be known to all that I am not a doctor or even close to a qualified medical expert. What I am offering here are some tips for coping with knee pain from someone who has lived with a bone-on-bone arthritic condition in her left knee for the last… Read more

Personal Growth

7 Significant Factors to Consider Before Retirement

You’ve worked all your life and loved it but now it’s time for retirement - to withdraw from a career that’s defined you, dominated most hours of your life and from which most of your social interactions have revolved. But you’re not alone. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics… Read more

Featured Destinations

Mont Saint-Michel: An Island Between Sky and Sea

Growing up in the Mont Saint-Michel Bay, I could feel this great monument's presence almost everyday. I saw it from my grandparents’ house and from my high school classroom. When I was going sailing, it stood there, an obvious landmark in the distance. I knew the direction toward which I… Read more

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