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Say Hello to PLATE! Exclusively for Women Over 50

Ready to put Food in its place? Say ‘Hello’ to PLATE! Prime Women is pleased to announce PLATE –the first weight management program designed exclusively for women approaching or over 50. We’ve been listening and you’ve told us how hard you’ve found it to lose weight after 50 or even younger… Read more


The Buzz on Booze and the Brain

A new year is an opportunity to start fresh. That’s something to celebrate, whether it’s with a champagne toast among friends or a glass of wine at home with a loved one. While a drink can give us a nice buzz to ring in the new year, there are a… Read more

Anti Aging

5 Ways to Reverse Aging

Which one of us wouldn’t like to turn back the clock and become young again? But is it even possible to reverse aging? Not exactly in the Benjamin Button way, but the science of anti-aging has made some major strides recently. In 2009, Elizabeth Helen Blackburn, along with two others,… Read more


The Golden Globe Winners: Prime Women Over 50 Look Stunning!

I wonder how many of you are award show junkies like me. My main reason for watching is not the winners (and their mostly totally awkward, inappropriate or just plain silly speeches), but the clothes, jewelry, hair and styling. It amazes me that throughout all of these shows, not one… Read more

Dating - New Love

4 Love-Life Dos & Don’ts For All Single Women In The New Year

I have always maintained that if you’re a smart, successful woman who embraces your singleness and understands that happiness is an inside job, you are a man magnet. You also know that you don’t need a man, but, you’re happy to admit that you want one. We date at the level of… Read more


What Your OB/GYN Wants You to Know About Menopause

So the fact that your body at 40 or 50 is a bit different from your body at 25 probably comes as a surprise to exactly nobody. Menopause happens to us all. As bodies change with age, the way we behave in them needs to change as well. So what… Read more

Vacation Homes

Explore the World Through THIRDHOME Adventures

Sponsored Post Conquer Your Bucket List in 2019 with These Luxury Travel Tours New year, new travel opportunities… new you? In the spirit of expanding your horizons for the new year, why wait to book your next great trip? These one-of-a-kind small-group luxury tours will leave you with something to… Read more


What to Buy Now: January Buying Guide

If you're at all like us, here around the PrimeWomen office, then you are shopped out! BUT - It's time to stay ahead of the curve, taking advantage of the variety of deals available in January. Travel It's easy to daydream about exotic locations in January, with the sun setting… Read more

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