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A Journey of Connection: Meeting the Dalai Lama

In October, I found myself in Dharamsala, India, with a group of thirty, waiting to meet the Dalai Lama outside of the gate to his residence. I hadn’t thought much about visiting India until I received an email from the Dallas Yoga Center about a trip that would include hearing… Read more


Sultry, Sexy, Classic: Trench Coat Fashion

When it comes to coats, you have your parkas, your faux furs, your pea coats and your swings, but the one that has made its mark throughout history in movies and amongst the fashion elite is trench coat fashion. The trench is the coat that stands out by not standing… Read more

Career Transition

What’s the Plan? Getting Realistic About Retirement

Apparently the last week of October has been designated National Retirement Security Week. For many women, retirement and security are thought of in separate contexts… as nurturers, our instinct is often to direct our energy and resources in ways that make our loved ones feel secure, even if at our… Read more


10 Ways to Pamper Yourself Silly

Whether you are still working, helping take care of your grandchildren, or just taking advantage of your retirement, there are times when you will find yourself stressed and need to relax and unwind. One of the best ways to help stave off stress or just to help your body and… Read more


Election Day in Style: Red, White and Blue Fashions

In the U.S., November 6th of this year is election day - and we are knee deep in red, white and blue. With extremely high rates of early voting, it's bound to be interesting as the results are tallied Tuesday night. Since the contests have been rather heated, we thought… Read more

Career Transition

Second Act: Do You Want Money or Influence?

Okay, you enjoyed a high powered career, but stepped away from the work world for a while.  Maybe you focused time on family, travel -- or just taking a break. But now you're feeling unsettled. Itching to dig into something new and satisfying in your second act. Considering a return… Read more

Vacation Homes

Your Vacation Home is Your Key to Seeing the World 

Sponsored Post If you own a vacation home in the mountains, do you ever wish it was on the beach, or vice versa? Do you limit your travel to the places you’ve always dreamed about because you feel like you have to spend most of your time at your vacation home? It… Read more


Beautiful Fall Hair Color Trends

With summer behind us, we start to see the changing colors of autumn with its tones of tangerine, reds and warm browns that translate into fall hair colors for this season. They can be bold or muted colors marbled through to give the illusion of texture. What a joy to… Read more