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Move it or lose it: Staying Active Over 50

The saying “move it or lose it” has been around forever...in general and in our lifetimes. I've thought of it as a joke. For example: When you are in line and someone says “move it or lose it” because you're not paying attention as the line moves forward. I’ve thought… Read more


How to wear leather this year and look modern at 50+

How to Wear Leather and Always be in Style? Leather has long been a fashion trend that comes back almost every fall/winter season. I’m always reminded of Sandy, played by Olivia Newton John, from the movie Grease, and her transformation into a sexy diva in her oh-so tight-leather pants and… Read more


7 Easy Ways to Be a Vegetarian

I am over 75 – older than the baby boomers. I weigh less than when I got married at 19. I did an unsupported headstand and ran 11 miles this morning and measure much younger than my age in all aspects of fitness. Why am I telling you this? It… Read more

Dating - New Love

Yuck! When the man on the dating app is married…to your friend

A Cautionary Tale I feel soiled, sullied, icky. Bad. Horrible. I unknowingly betrayed a good, long-time friend. “How?” you ask. Here’s the story. A few months ago, a man emailed me from a dating site new to me. We struck up a nice IM conversation. He hadn’t posted a pic,… Read more


Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis: Too Good to be True?

These days, you can find stem cell therapy clinics in such mundane venues as strip malls. They promise treatments for a variety of knee and joint pain problems, like arthritis and injuries. Stem cell doctors aren't quite as common as dentists. Yet, the amount of doctors aggressively offering to treat… Read more

Prime Picks

Prime Pick: The Best Sports Bra

This week, our Prime Pick comes from Stacy, our Director of National Sales. She has been raving about this sports bra forever, so we had to share this revelation with our audience! A reco for a sports bra is worth your breasts' weight in gold! It is unnerving how hard… Read more


Why Do I Overeat? 7 Habits to Break

Why do I overeat? Have you found yourself asking that question at the end of the day when you feel bloated or perhaps the next morning when you step on the scale? If so, you are not alone. Considerably more than half of women over 50 are overweight and a… Read more


Dealing With Post 9/11 PTSD

 9/11 PTSD Do you remember where you were or what you were doing in the early morning on September 11, 2001? I do. And, I will never forget. After dropping my boys off at school, I'd gone to the nearby gym and was running on a treadmill. I almost stumbled… Read more

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