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Urinary Incontinence: Causes & Treatments

Urinary incontinence can be an embarrassing problem many people face. It involves loss of bladder control that can range from occasionally leakages when force is applied such as by coughing or sneezing, to sudden strong urges that cause you to be unable to reach the bathroom in time. Unfortunately having urinary… Read more

Finding Balance

Healthy Habits Through Self-Accountability

Creating Self-Accountability Have you found yourself in the morning resolved to foster healthy habits and by evening it has disappeared? What are your road blocks? Going out to eat? Unexpected guests? Started a project and time got away from you? Becoming over-whelmed, or you didn’t feel like it later in… Read more

Career Transition

Women in Tech: New Careers On the Horizon

“I thought you were a man,” the young female consultant exclaimed. “Excuse Me?” I said. “Oh, when the team said their manager was coming, I assumed you were a man.” I wondered to myself, how do I respond to this and is this 2019 or 1950? But in reality, the… Read more

Personal Growth

Enjoying My “Cloak of Invisibility”

They say that women are feeling invisible over fifty; no more admiring glances or the Millennial equivalent of wolf whistles. Our skin becomes more translucent and even our hair retreats to the white and grey mist of shadows. Invisibilty harkens to us like the Angel of Death. Invisibility: They're Kidding,… Read more

Food and Wine

Best Sicilian Wines

With its rugged mountains, pristine coastlines and tumultuous, melting pot history, the Mediterranean island of Sicily has much to offer visitors. As part of Italy, one can expect to find lots of delicious food and wine in addition to the more mundane tourist activities such as “The Godfather” sightseeing tours.… Read more


Fashion for Women Over 50: Say Yellow!

To say yellow is a trend for this spring, is an understatement. The Spring 2019 runways were awash with different shades of yellow. At least 10 different designers incorporated the sunny hue into their collections. Pantone had selected Aspen Gold as the yellow of the season but there were plenty of… Read more

Personal Growth

50 Ways to Leave Your 40s: #15 Do Blondes Have More Fun?!

The problem with having industrial strength thick hair, that once upon time was Auburn, is it shows the grey without a second thought. And having gone darker over recent years, the sides of my hair resembled some kind of misshaped badger. It was not a good look. Of course I… Read more


Brain Power: The Benefits of Oxygen and Sleep

Sleep is our foundation. During the day neurons and dendrites are constantly firing in your head and creating toxic waste in the brain. In the central nervous system, there are glial cells that help maintain homeostasis, form myelin, and provide protection and support for neurons. The only time the glial… Read more

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