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Career & Business

Who Am I Without My Business Card?

Moving through the Stages of Retirement Those were the days! At the zenith of my career I was the Director of Executive Coaching for an international accounting firm. I had a talented team with global responsibilities. I traveled a lot — always first class — and got to interact with… Read more


The Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

Ever wondered what is the best haircut for your face shape? Or, have you had a haircut and not felt comfortable in your skin afterward? If so, this overview should help you determine the best haircut for you, so read on. A good hairdresser will analyze almost immediately your face… Read more

Family & Friends

Top 3 Ways to Impact Grandkids

When my own daughter adopted kids, it took a while to acclimate to grandparenting A few years ago I couldn’t have written honestly on grandparenting. For one thing, I didn't have any experience with being a grandma. For another, I was approaching becoming a grandmother with some trepidation. My grandkids… Read more


Amazon Prime Days Are Here!

It's that time of the year! Sales abound in July, from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, to Amazon Prime Days. So, rev up shopping engines, ladies! Once a year, Amazon blows the roof off the site, with hundreds of retailers participating in a two-day parade of epic deals, starting July 15… Read more


Will Personal Shopper Services be stylish and age fitting?

Series: 50 Ways to Leave 40s Experience 27: Personal Shopper Services As a rule, I don't shop in River Island. It's bright, shiny, loud and full of young trendy things. It's no place for a 49 1/2-year-old who listens to Radio 2 and wears clothes that are comfortable, cover as… Read more

Career & Business

How Prime Women Can Continue Helping Women in the Workforce

Women Supporting Women at Work Most of us have already passed the mid-point of reasonably successful careers and can tell many stories about the various obstacles that were put in our way that we had to overcome simply because we were female. Looking back on how we got to where… Read more

Finding Balance

Women Inspiring Women over 50

The Search for Inspiration Ever searched the web for motivational or inspirational pages for women?  There are thousands of them.  Pages motivate and inspire using fashion, art, fitness, books, movies, trips, seminars, and so many more.  What I discovered in writing this article is that while there is an overwhelming… Read more


Buried Emotions? How to Name it, Claim it, Let it Go

Tending to Emotional Health is Self Care When I was in my late 20’s, my work partner murdered his wife in a fit of rage then took his own life. I buried all the after-burn of that experience, as well as a hotel assault which had occurred two years earlier… Read more

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