Try These Morning Teas for an Energy Boost

Try These Morning Teas for an Energy Boost

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Coffee is a popular morning drink that packs a caffeine punch that’s ideal for getting us through our busy day. But not everyone tolerates coffee well, and some find it to cause jitters, digestive issues, and insomnia. So, how do you get the burst of energy you need without all the caffeine? Tea is the perfect alternative.

There are several teas with minimal or no caffeine content that provide feelings of alertness while keeping you on an even keel. Here are a few you might want to add to your morning routine.

Green Tea

Green tea

Green tea is known for providing several health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants that protect the body from disease and can also boost brain health and increase fat burn.

The tea has half the caffeine of coffee. It also contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which acts as a calming agent that counters the effects of caffeine. It simultaneously boosts alertness and relaxation.

Black Tea

Black tea contains antioxidants that fight oxidative stress. It is beneficial to heart health, and it may help balance blood sugar levels. There is even some evidence that it may reduce the risk of cancer.

The tea contains more caffeine than most other teas, but not as much as coffee. Similar to green tea, it contains L-theanine, which improves focus and alertness. One study showed that drinking black tea helped people perform cognitive tasks more quickly with fewer errors while improving memory.

White Tea

Like green tea, white tea comes from the camellia sinesis plant, but its leaves are harvested early when they are still buds. This gives it a different, milder taste and a slightly lower caffeine content. However, it still offers many of the benefits green tea provides.

White tea is known to keep blood sugar under control. It’s good for bone health, can fight inflammation, and may reduce cancer risk. It also contains L-theanine, which makes it beneficial to cognition and focus.  


Ginger Tea

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is naturally caffeine-free. Yet it has long been used as an herbal remedy to increase energy and cognitive function. It is recommended for people who feel sluggish during the day in both physical and mental capacities.

Beyond boosting energy, the tea may also strengthen the immune system, reduce menstrual pain, improve digestive issues, and lower inflammation. Research reveals it may be good for oral health, decrease muscle pain, and it may even decrease the risk of cancer.

Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a type of green tea that’s optimized to provide an energy boost. Unlike most green teas that are steeped in water and then strained so only the infused water is consumed, matcha is made from the leaves in their powdered form, which is whisked into water and ingested. This gives you a more concentrated dose of caffeine and nutrients.

While matcha tea has stronger caffeine content, it also provides a higher dose of L-theanine, which provides a relaxing balance. Its offers all the benefits of green tea, including its immune system boosting and heart health improving properties in a more concentrated form. It is the ultimate pick me up in the morning, evening, and after a workout.

Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba mate tea is made from the leaves and twigs of the Ilex paraguariensis plant. It is a traditional South American drink that has been gaining popularity due to the many benefits it offers. It is typically served in a gourd that can be shared as a sign of friendship.

The tea contains stimulants such as caffeine and theobromine. The caffeine content is more than what’s found in most teas but less than a cup of coffee. However, it is said not to cause any jittery side effects.

Yerba mate’s antioxidant content is higher than most teas. It is rich in seven amino acids, providing your body with the most key nutrients. It may boost energy, improve mental focus, enhance physical performance, increase heart health, lower blood sugar, and aid with weight loss.

Chai Tea

Chai tea is a spiced tea that combines black tea, milk, and spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom. Its black tea content gives it the combination of caffeine and L-theanine that boosts energy while promoting relaxation. The spices you use may vary, but with the right mix, you will get extra benefits.

For example, you can mix in ginger, which is also known for its ability to increase energy levels. Cardamom increases blood circulation, which aids in maintaining vitality. Cinnamon is known to keep energy levels stable, making it the perfect caffeine combination.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea can help nausea

Peppermint tea is naturally caffeine-free. However, its tingly flavor and refreshing aroma can give you the perfect boost in the morning or midday. It’s also been shown to improve mood, cognitive performance, and long-term memory.

Licorice Root Tea

Licorice root tea is made by boiling water over licorice root. The taste is strong, so it’s often combined with other teas that can be caffeinated or non-caffeinated.

The tea contains adaptogens that help modulate hormone production. It stimulates the adrenal glands, which increase blood flow and energy levels. Its energy-increasing properties will be even more acutely felt if it’s combined with a caffeinated tea.

Lemon Tea

Lemon tea can be bought at the store or made at home by combining lemon juice and water and boiling it. Its invigorating taste and aroma will give you an instant pick-me-up. It also detoxifies the body reducing feelings of sluggishness and lethargy.

You can make the most of your lemon tea’s energy-increasing effects by adding a few pieces of ginger. You can also squeeze lemon juice into other teas to improve their energizing properties.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is not known for increasing energy. However, it does reduce stress and increase levels of serotonin in the body. You may feel an energy boost by the reduction in stress you experience.

If your morning coffee makes you feel jittery, tea could be the perfect alternative. Some teas have a caffeine L-theanine blend that provides the ideal boost, while others work naturally to restore vitality. Which of these do you prefer drinking with breakfast? 

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