Brachioplasty: Prepare Your Arms for Warmer Weather Now

While many enjoy hot summers by lightening up their wardrobe by wearing tank tops and bikinis, others often prefer winter and long sleeve shirts to help keep their arms covered. Excess fat and skin in the upper arms can be an annoyance to some who are bothered by loose skin dangling and subsequently avoid short sleeve shirts. For those bothered by loose skin in the arms may fine comfort knowing there is a surgical procedure that can remove the excess skin.

There are some procedures that just make sense to do at certain times of the year. Brachioplasty is one of them. If you want to be ready for short sleeves or even sleeveless styles come spring and summer, then fall and winter are perfect for scheduling a brachioplasty procedure. Excess Arm Skin

Excess fat and skin in the upper arms can be an annoyance to those who are bothered by loose, dangling skin. Subsequently, they avoid short sleeve shirts. Those bothered by loose skin in the arms may find comfort knowing there is a surgical procedure that can remove the excess skin.

The procedure known as brachioplasty, removes the excess skin of the arms, keeping the scar hidden at the medial aspect of the arms, or for minimal skin excess, the scar can be hidden with a short scar procedure keeping the incision in the axilla. While there are a variety of non-surgical skin tightening procedures that can address loose skin of the arms, non-surgical skin tightening is often lacking in the efficacy and may provide minimal benefit. While brachioplasty comes at the need for scar at the medial arm, brachioplasty provides dramatic results to eliminate loose dangling skin.


There are several reasons as to why someone might be considering a brachioplasty. Whether it be from having a bariatric procedure done that has caused you to lose a tremendous amount of weight in a short amount of time, or due to the loss of skin elasticity caused by natural aging, this procedure helps get rid of the excess, sagging skin and fat along the armpit to the elbow.

One of the main reasons someone would oppose undergoing a brachioplasty, would be the visible inner arm scar that comes with it. As mentioned earlier, the incision is brought closer to the inside of the arm to help make it less visible. But sadly, everyone does not heal the same and there is no certainty of how the scar will migrate or fade.

There are several options for scar treatment that can help diminish the appearance of the scar to a certain extent. But, for most people, especially those who have had to deal with the ongoing constant discomfort from excess skin in the arm region, a major scar, as a result, is the least of their concern.

In conclusion, for anyone considering if this is the right procedure for them, with prepped planning, and realistic expectations, an arm lift can help improve one’s lifestyle and for some, offer a new beginning to regain that dream body they once thought could never be achievable.